Writing 101 – Day 3: Free writing (3 Songs not meant for straight guys)

Clear your mind.  Don’t think of anything.  Just write non-stop for fifteen minutes.  Allow the emptiness of your thoughts to pour onto the pages…which might result in a blank screen, would it not?  Fortunately for me, it’s easy to empty my brain.  I mean, how difficult is it to tip half a jug?

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?  This actually struck a chord…

I have listed numerous songs over my blogging career.  Songs that have a very specific meaning on very specific moments of my life.  This week I’ve mentioned two already.  In order to prevent this blog from becoming a Rolling Stone article, I needed to do something completely different with the prompt.  Again.  Ignoring the obvious, continuing on my path of becoming a rebel writer.

On my way to work this morning, I was belting out a tune in the car, trying to shorten the ride and because no-one else in my family appreciates my singing.  I stopped at a traffic light and with my open window, it was evident to everyone around me which song I was karaoke-ing.  The lady in the car next to me laughed in my face, which made me stop.  For I realised that there are a few songs that should not be publically enjoyed if you’re a straight man.  The song I am referring to was “Single Ladies” from Beyonce. Continue reading

Writing 101 – Day 2: Just a view (The mind of a woman)

Imagine, teleportation.  The power to think of a place and then just be there.  The cunning ability of Nightcrawler, aka the Marvel character, that allows him to move from one space to another space in a Flash, aka the DC character.

The question is: Where would you like to go today?

My daughter’s brain.  Or any other woman’s mind for that matter.  As they confuse me.

I imagine that the inside of a woman’s mind looks like the control room or flight deck of the Starship Enterprise.  (Jeez, I’m a geek…)

A place that has an enormous collection of buttons and lights and control switches and alarms that no-one fully understands due to a lost instruction manual. Continue reading