Billy Crystal’s touching tribute to Robin Williams: A script of his friend’s first night in heaven

I know this is something that came as a shock to most of us last year, but somehow I missed this touching tribute. And I really loved Robin Williams, he always made me laugh. I don’t re-blog often but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.  My parents raised a kind and courteous man. I am his younger brother.

Robin Williams, thank you for the laughs…

I’m struggling today.

There was a man who provided me with a million smiles and a billion laughs.  So many moments where I basically broke down in hysterics.  He was a brilliant comedian, and now he’s left us…

I’m surprisingly heartbroken, like I’ve lost a friend or someone I knew.  Someone who made me feel better when I needed him too.

Some people create the impression that they will live forever, their enigmatic presence transcends time.  Robin Williams was such a man. Continue reading