A house full of Palm trees

There’s a book called Growing kids with Character that explores the four main personality types as prescribed by the DISC profile.  This book has become a lifeline for many anxious parents in South Africa on how to raise the mongrels some of them gave birth too.  What’s interesting about the theory is that it relates each personality type to a different kind of tree.  The reason for this is unclear, but most probably so fathers can understand it as well. (By the way, remove that thrown from your face, you’ll get wrinkles.)  I’m just telling it like it is.

The DISC-profile identifies four main types of personalities, and seeing that this is not a psychology blog, I’m not gonna bore you with theory, you can do that all on your own, over at www.discinsights.com.  General consensus lets us believe that most people are a combination of these main types, which are Dominance, Influential, Steady and Conscientious.  General consensus states that you’re never just one or the other.  General consensus doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Enter me. Waaaa-waaaa. Continue reading