A fanboy? Me? No…

Princess called me a fanboy. At forty-two?  Me, a father of two teenagers?  That’s absolutely preposterous!

So what if I have Deadpool as wallpaper on my laptop and mobile phone? The movie was frigging awesome.

So what if I own a collection of marvel lead figurines? It’s lead and it’s the full collection. I don’t do stuff half-assed.


Mine is even bigger.

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Nine lessons, courtesy of Deadpool

1. Having a sense of humor is important especially if your face looks like “a testicle with teeth”.

2. There are worse methods of torture than listening to Kanye West.

3. When you take the effort of packing a duffel bag full of guns, don’t forget said bag in the cab.

4. No matter how crooked your own puzzle piece is, there is someone who’s just as crooked and together you make the perfect picture. Continue reading

I have the GREATEST friends (or Why my head hurts today)

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I thought you should know.  Are you asking me how old I am? It’s kind of a sensitive subject.  Besides, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.  It’s a condition of the witness protection program.  BUT seeing that you’re nagging me, I’m young enough to walk unassisted when sober and I’m old enough for students to call me “sir”.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t let a birthday slide past without celebrating the damn thing.  Wife would correct me by saying I’m the type of guy who doesn’t let anything slide past without celebrating it.  What can I say?  We like to party.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than hanging out with my mates.  That’s probably not totally true but this is not an erotic blog so I’ll stick with that.

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Anticipating Deadpool


Wanna cuddle?

Good morning, afternoon and evening to you all.  My name is Ah Dad and I am a Superheriolic.  (Also evidently, slightly confused about time-zones.)  It has been more than two weeks since my last viewing.  And that was a re-run of the first Superman.  What can I say, I was desperate.

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My return to the land of fantastic plastic and all things fake and wonderful

No it is not the USA, albeit an accurate description for half of the West Coast, for as my calculations show, that geographical area constitutes 114.38% of the global cosmetic industry.

I’m actually referring to Dubai. *insert gasp*

Photo by Wei Siong Low.  Not me.

Photo by Wei Siong Low. Not me.

I’m back at work and my annual holiday is a mere glimmer that is fading at the speed of light into a little speck, slipping from memory.  A once magnificent beast that has died and is now rotting in a field, taunting people with a foul odour as they are passing by. Continue reading

Writing 101 – Day 2: Just a view (The mind of a woman)

Imagine, teleportation.  The power to think of a place and then just be there.  The cunning ability of Nightcrawler, aka the Marvel character, that allows him to move from one space to another space in a Flash, aka the DC character.

The question is: Where would you like to go today?

My daughter’s brain.  Or any other woman’s mind for that matter.  As they confuse me.

I imagine that the inside of a woman’s mind looks like the control room or flight deck of the Starship Enterprise.  (Jeez, I’m a geek…)

A place that has an enormous collection of buttons and lights and control switches and alarms that no-one fully understands due to a lost instruction manual. Continue reading

Mickey is Dead!

Jip, he's gone. Photo courtesy of the family as posted on www.blogs.disney.com

Jip, he’s gone.
Photo courtesy of the family as posted on http://www.blogs.disney.com

The stiff, cold body of Mickey Mouse was found swirling in a weir of a local swimming pool, early Saturday morning.  An expression of hopelessness was etched on the frozen features of his little mouse face. Silently telling a sad story of giving up.  This shocking discovery was made by Tweety, a close family friend who’s been actively pursuing all kinds of leads to try and find out what happened to the famous mouse, after his disappearance two weeks ago.

It seemed Mickey paid the ultimate price for choosing a life of crime. Continue reading