Laugh with me #47

Woman use retail therapy almost as much as men would like to use the lie-on-the-couch-watching-sport-and-bitch-bring-me-a-beer-therapy.  The latter never happens because most female dogs have not learnt how to open a fridge.  Or crack a can.

And men would never expect the love of our lives to be our beck-and-call and bring us any kind of alcoholic beverage because they didn’t get married to serve our lazy asses.  Unless you might find yourself in the close proximity of the general kitchen area and you love me and you think o…uh love…uh…wait now…let’s talk about it…please put that down.

Let me rather get back to shopping…Our couch is not really all that comfortable.

The eagerness of finding a bargain may lead to extensive property damage, a severe crushed ego, some other minor injuries and hysterical, unstoppable laughter.


The owner might end up having to fire this window cleaner for a job too well done.

Laugh with me #45

I know I’ve posted yesterday.  Twice actually.  I normally don’t post these GIFS in quick succession but I couldn’t resist.  It’s another birthday fail that cracked me up like a great episode of Friends.

It’s also a near perfect example of how parents can ruin the life of their kids.  Other examples include parents displaying signs of affection in public, a Mom showing baby photo’s to any prospective boyfriends/girlfriends and a Dad performing sexy dance moves at a birthday party.

Or doing this…I reckon the poor kid requires counselling.

2o2XfwXRWOZaaunV3SpE_Cake Drop Fail

Laugh with me #41

One of my colleagues is having a really shitty day.  Slamming down the phone, spilling milk all over the counter, missing a meeting…

And we all have them days. When life sucks. When you regret getting out of bed.  When not even good ole’ caffeine can provide a little positive energy into your poor, unfortunate soul.

But here’s proof that we shouldn’t necessarily vocalize our frustration, anxiety and ill-feelings towards Karma.  Because let’s face it, and I don’t mean this in a sexist way…she’s a bitch.


And a funny one too.


Laugh with me #40

The gymnast was ready.  He went through his routine, visualized the tripple-axle-with-a-side-flip-half-nelson-twist and a perfect landing.  He spent hours training for this, his moment of glory. He released an anxious breath and commenced his approach.  He ran like the wind and then…

missed the trampoline thingy…


And landed on his ass with an enormous pain in his chest.

I promise to have pity as soon as I can control myself again.  Sorry Dude.

Laugh with me #10

This is what I would call headbanging a candle to death.  Or a perfect example of what heavy bangs can be used for other than looking ridiculous.  This kid looks like the young version of Lloyd.

America's Funniest Home Videos animated GIF

Wait until he hears “Thunderstruck” for the first time!  It is going to be good times…

Laugh with me #9

This one had me rolling on the floor and enforced my belief that cats are an alien specie sent to earth to torment humans.  There are so many things I can say about this clip but most of those things doesn’t belong on this blog.  They were all very funny, just not I-can-post-this-here funny.

cat animated GIF

My restraint at a caption is also proof to the Wife that I’m having moderate success at being an adult.  Initially I wanted to let the clip speak for itself but then I got a better idea…

Why not let my readers caption the clip!  In doing so I can giggle away without taking the responsibility of being the person who comes up with a furry, cat-chy line.

So come on people, it’s Friday, let your hair down and caption this…