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It’s not what you think…

I didn’t pull this from a wine bottle.  I was nominated.  Because it seems I make other people smile.  (Could someone please tell the Wife!)

Thanks to Eric over at All in a Dad’s Work for the wonderful nomination. Catchy name for a blog isn’t it?  Wish I thought of it first but I didn’t, so now I’m just one of his avid followers.  I’m an official fan. And I even get a weekly commission from him for proclaiming it in public. Continue reading

I’m all seven dwarfs

Seven Dwarfs

All of me

I am Happy most of the time.  And not just because I like wine.  Drunky is not one of the dwarfs in the original story. At least not in the kid-friendly version.

(The adult version features Drunky, Depressed, Raunchy, Annoyed, Slutty, Daddy and Tyrone Lannister.  Or so I’ve heard.)

Back to Happy. Continue reading

Not my bravest moment

cockroach-control not only has bug-porn but also provide advise on how to get rid of them

I like waking up early as much as I love cockroaches.  When that alarm goes off, I curse my life.  And then I get up because I remember that I don’t have one.  A  life, that is.  No-one forced me to move from fat to fit.  And then try and remain there because fat is a bastard, always lurking around, hiding in a bottle of wine or a box of pizza.

I work my way through all seven dwarfs from the time that my eyes open until the moment I can close them again.  Grumpy is up first and once he leaves, they follow one after the other, until I usually get stuck with Happy. Or Funny, who’s the illegitimate child of Snow White and Shrek. Sometimes I end up with Bashful… Continue reading

And the most amazing person on the planet is…

Humanity has a knack for celebrating greatness. We love heroes.  We like to honour men and women who are able to transcend their existence on this spinning blue ball and achieve a persona of some semi-celestial beings. Like angels and saints and saviors.

We glorify them with awards, honorary degrees and street names.  In some countries they bow before the queen and after she hits them with a sword on the shoulder, they’re called “sir”.  In other countries where democracy has been adopted for a century or two, a medal is pinned to their lapel after they’ve shaken hands with the president.  We simply adore people who inspire us, people who make us believe in the potential of the human race.  People who provide us with a glimmer of hope in the darkest of days.  Those few who rise to the occasion when the occasion warrants us to rise. Continue reading

Facebook and the Seven Dwarfs

Once upon a time there was…Wait, this is no fairy tale.

It’s happening as I’m writing this.  All across the Internet!  And if we don’t stop the abuse of Facebook by these seven little men, we might never be able to safe the only means of communication future generations have left.  I’ll be damned if I’ll allow that to happen.  I’m blowing the whistle for my kids!

For the same thing happened to Snow White.  Continue reading

Flipping the bird on a bad day

My sign was up for a while.

My sign was up for a while.

Have you ever had the misfortune of waking up in the morning, knowing that the day is going to suck? Understanding that the sun who succesfully chased away the chill of the night couldn’t manage the same feat in your soul.  Within minutes of opening your eyes you have a premonition that you might be killing someone, or at least have a story to tell by the time the moon will show its face again.

It doesn’t even take a specific incident to jolt the dark feelings stirring in your heart.  Or a serious mental condition like depression, bipolarity or too much oestrogen.   It’s just an average Joe waking up, wishing that he could pull the duvet over his head and go back to sleep until the next morning, like a scene from Groundhog Day.

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Smiling doesn’t kill you.


The happy virus on a stick

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile…And that my friends is bull shit.

It’s all a lie, spread by irresponsible happy prophets.  (At least according to the Wikipedia page on the subject.)  If it was true, like I believed it to be until 10 minutes ago, it would have been a great opening sentence for setting the tone of this post.  Instead I’m now at a loss for words due to my own ability to Google.


Did you know a smile is more infectious than the common flu?  Try it and you’ll see.  Even a fake smile will result in a reaction of the person you are presenting it to.  Granted you might not get a smile in return, maybe an uncomfortable expression or someone suddenly seeking fallen cash on the pavement.  Fact remains, a smile causes a reaction.

It’s proven that only tormented serial killers will look you straight in the eye without any glimpse of a soul, after you smile at them.  If that happens run.  For if you don’t run, fast, you mind end up seeing a sadistic version of your smile when you wake up a few hours later in a small dark room. *shivers*

I was driving to work and due to some annoying construction taking place on route; they’ve placed traffic policeman to guide the traffic in a more orderly fashion.  This is to prevent the impatient motorists amongst us from swearing, flipping the bird, resulting in random beatings with sticks and shit.  As I was passing cop #1 he had the expression I see every Monday morning in the mirror.  In essence he was wearing a huge question mark, or like I call it a WTF-facial.  Let’s just say he wasn’t one of the shiny-happy people REM wrote about in their hit song.

Then I passed Cop #2.  He had the same job, the skillful art of routing traffic safely, but he seemed to have had it all that morning.  He was jumping and waiving and basically having a jolly good time, just like that fat guy in the red suit who visits all the kids in the world at least once a year.  But what really got my attention, besides the physical antics of the Cop on meth, was his smile.  Dishing one to every passing motorist, and it was infectious.  I smiled too.  And so did the girl in the car behind me, as I was checking her out watching her in my rear-view mirror.

I arrived at work, with the smile still firmly imprinted on this semi-handsome face of mine, which went from a 6 to an 8 just because I was showing some teeth.  I walked into the office, well basically skipped, and smiled and greeted everyone happily.  Most people just froze in their seats or dropped papers, totally taken aback by my jovial entry into the realms of work.

To clarify, I’m not a morning person, so even though my eyes open at 5 and I train for an hour, I still only wake up at 7 after my first cup of coffee.  My personality kicks in around nine, on a good day.  I have become accustomed in isolating myself from social interaction during mornings, not wanting unnecessary confrontation whilst my sense of humour is settling in.

But this post is not about me, it’s about smiling.  It’s about that amazing superpower each person on earth possess, almost like a happy virus of sorts.  A virus most people would kill to be infected with.  So I challenge you, go out and use that superpower of yours, find your closest victim, as it only takes 12 facial muscles to do. (frowning takes 11, hence my opening comments)

And here’s the fun part, smiling doesn’t kill you.