The last day

I know I haven’t posted in a while but this is a big day.  Huge.  Ginormous.  Gigantisaurus.  You get the picture.  It is a day that was twelve years in the making.  For a guy who can’t sit through the first ten minutes of Up, I’m surprisingly non-emotional about the whole thing.  All I feel is immense pride.  Dude wrote his final high school exam today and even though the results will only be available in a month from now, I know that it was his last day of high school. SHIT!


Dashing like his father

Maybe I am slightly emotional. Give me a minute.

*Returning a day later with red eyes and thirty seven empty tissue boxes and a desperate need for a plumber.  Too much tissues can result in clogging.  Who knew?*

Dude, I have written countless posts on what you mean to us and how you’ve changed our lives. Technically you would be able to count them but it sounds more affectionate if I create the impression that there were more than ten posts about you.  The general theme has always been about how great you turned out because of our excellent parenting skills.  And the grace of God.

Jokes aside.  Looking at you, I’m astonished at what you have accomplished in such a short time you’ve been on this planet.  Your high school career is a testimony to that.  You’ve overcome challenges, made friends and broke hearts.  Albeit mine.  This was an hectic year.  You turned legal, you got your driver’s license, you attended prom, you finished high school… Eighteen must seem like such a big number to you but believe me, this is only the beginning.  You have reach the end of this chapter and now you stand on the brink of a new one.  It feels like yesterday when I wrote a post about high school and now you’re going off to university. WTF!

It’s painful to think that you would be leaving our nest soon and the thought of not having you sharing daily clips and hugs and stories is pretty daunting.  Thankfully you’re not there yet and we can keep all that emotion for another post.  This post is simply a celebration at the end of an era.  I must admit, I tried my best to bribe the headmaster in an attempt to keep you for another year but she’s a tough cookie and in the end we simply couldn’t afford her final number.  What did you do?

Dude, you are one amazing human being.   Words fail me every time.  The best son any parent could hope for.  We couldn’t be more proud even if we tried.  The hard work is done, so go and enjoy that last holiday with all your mates.  Have fun and stay safe.

Fortunately I still have a couple of weeks to torture you with parental stuff.

Love ya.

He inspired me.

Most of us would agree that a big part of being a parent is to motivate, encourage, support and inspire our kids, especially when life decided to throw a few lemons their way.  It’s our duty to make sure they get up again after that bump on the knee.  Or the punch on the chin.  We run when they fall from the swing and clean up the wound, apply the bandage and wipe their tears.  Sending them off with words of encouragement so they can get back on that swing.  It’s true what Wife says, “A parent is only as happy as their unhappiest child.

But there are rare occurrences when the roles of parenthood is reversed.  When your kid lifts his mask and reveal a small glimpse of the man (or woman) they are destined to become… Continue reading

Dude is funny

One of my life goals have been achieved.  I have kept my training regime long enough to allow Dude to catch up and reach the age where he can finally join me in my daily trips to the gym without making it seem like child abuse.  The one thing I didn’t expect was to age at least ten years as soon as I walked in with a teenager by my side.  I wanted to introduce Dude as a friend of mine but friends don’t call friends “Dad”.  At least not in the circles I move in.  He blew my cover in the first few seconds.  I suppose I should feel flattered that people were surprised to learn of my fifteen year-old son.  Or maybe I should be insulted?  The jury is still out on that one.

I cherish and savor these moments of alone time with him more than he would ever know.  Now I’m gonna man up, grow a pair and drop all this sentimental shenanigans… Continue reading

This is bad. This is really, really bad.

Hey Dude, listen up.  Your father is about to bestow some wisdom onto you. This is important information that men have shared through generations, even before the time when dragons flew across the sky and Cersei Lannister was a bitch.  In an ancient time before PlayStation 4 was distracting boys from their real purpose in life, which is to find a nice, decent, preferably rich, mother for my grandchildren.  Leave that remote, as I’m only going to say this once, then I’ll write it down so you can read it as often as you like.

Men are simple creatures and I know this first hand.  Evolution hasn’t made significant changes to the male version of Homo Sapiens, mainly because we were perfect to begin with. Continue reading

An inefficient use of the word “proud”.

As soon as the nurse plucks that red, screaming infant from his mother’s womb and place him/her in your arms you become a Dad.  It’s an immediate association.  You go from the awkward guy in scrubs to a father instantaneously.  With a sudden awareness that it is now your responsibility of raising this little, screaming thing, who some would say, look just like you. If you were screaming at the top of your lungs like your life depended on it.  For boob-food.

And so it continues.  You take him home and try to make sure that he is fed, burped, dry, clean, warm or whatever other thing that might cause that dead-raising-bawl.   The howling noise that make all men nervous.  Continue reading

Death and cancer bring things into perspective.

Streetluge was their passion.  The thrill of cruising at ridiculous speeds down steep hills, maneuvering around tight corners was unexplainable to mortal men.  It was an adrenalin rush second to none.  Father and Son was getting ready for another run on a perfect summer’s day. They checked their gear and Dad adjusted his Go-Pro camera; they were ready to roll.  They have done several hills like this one and the excitement was tangible.  There was a high-five and off they went.  His son went first.  Adrenalin surged through their bodies, almost blinding them, making them scream out of pure exhilaration.

His son’s board slipped.  His head hit the road.  Very hard.  Much too hard.  The board didn’t stop.  His son did.  Continue reading

Ah Dad, a Dude @ Da Concert in Durban.

It’s no secret I love the Script.  I mean I really, really, really do.  The Wife understands.  My friends understand.  Dude has known all along.  He is also a fan, but I’m not sure he would use the word love in the same context as I do.  But if love implies devotion, admiration, loyalty, support and paying someone to spend time with them, well then I love them.

Why are we waiting!  Why are we waiting!

Why are we waiting! Why are we waiting!

The Script kicked off their latest world tour in sunny South Africa.  They played in Jo’burg, Durban and Cape Town over the past weekend.  Tickets for the Durban show moved faster than the food at a lunch buffet at the opening of parliament.  I got two of those.  For the Dude and I. Continue reading