Laugh with me #46

Face plants are always funny but sometimes they’re just frigging hilarious.  Especially if it didn’t happen to you or a loved one.  No wait, that’s wrong.  Face plants are especially funny when it happens to someone you love…

I’m sure the guy/girl/friend/mother/uncle who was taping this little treasure had to be admitted to hospital, suffering a torn spleen caused by hysterical laughter, moments later.  ouch,gif,beach,fail nation,g rated

It’s also the reason why I prefer to just lie on a beach and do nothing.  I have no intention of landing arse in the air with my head in the sand.

Laugh with me #45

I know I’ve posted yesterday.  Twice actually.  I normally don’t post these GIFS in quick succession but I couldn’t resist.  It’s another birthday fail that cracked me up like a great episode of Friends.

It’s also a near perfect example of how parents can ruin the life of their kids.  Other examples include parents displaying signs of affection in public, a Mom showing baby photo’s to any prospective boyfriends/girlfriends and a Dad performing sexy dance moves at a birthday party.

Or doing this…I reckon the poor kid requires counselling.

2o2XfwXRWOZaaunV3SpE_Cake Drop Fail

Laugh with me #28

When you Iook up the word “face-plant” in a dictionary, this is what you’ll find,  no other explanation required…


I’m wondering if this was an intentional flip-and-fall because it just seems so perfectly executed, like this guy is one of the Cirque de Soleil clowns.

Whatever his intention, he had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Laugh with me #27

I sincerely hope that 2015 has treated you better than the jump did to this guy.  Doesn’t this just seem like a perfect example of how most of us feel before the end of the year?


Remember it doesn’t matter how hard you fall or how unprepared you are when it happens, it is all about getting back on that bike again. Once you regain the feeling in your lower limbs off course…

Happy NEW YEAR for 2016!!

Laugh with me #23

One of the best moment in my twisted life is when I see over-confident, douchebags fail.  In anything. I’m not picky.  What makes this clip specifically gratifying for me, is that fact that I am able to see a multiple assholes failing, at the same time!ouch,skateboarding,gif,funny

And to the guy who taped and posted this, please note that you made Christmas come early this year!