What’s in a name?

director-shareholder-name-changeThis is a confession of a personal struggle.  A little Groot sitting on my shoulder.  And the best way to get rid of this horny devil would be to call him out for what he is…Everything but a horny devil.

I’m about to reveal a deep, dark, dirty secret that has been lurking in my soul for decades but is actually not a secret at all. Continue reading

Princess doesn’t exist

We need an unabridged birth certificate for my daughter so that she can participate in the provincial trials for Netball, a sport that incorporates a net and a ball and some throwing.

Therefore we need to go the department of home affairs.

Aaaaand let me put that into perspective.

I’ve known people who went there and never returned.  At least not as the same people.  Others required intensive counselling.  Some people have developed a severe twitch, as it is the place where hope goes to die. A market place for incompetence, despair and frustration. Continue reading

Are you alive?

On Monday morning a dear friend collapsed at work and was admitted to hospital, not being able to walk.  That evening she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.  GBS is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system, leading to weakness in your extremities, spreading quickly, eventually resulting in paralyzes of your whole body.

As of this morning she still hasn’t gained full feeling of her lower legs and she has to rely on help to be able to move in her bed.  She is still in bed and fighting her illness with a whole lot of support from a million people.  I know she’ll pull through.

And to think she was still doing everyday mommy things at the beginning of the week.

Life can change instantaneously. Continue reading

Being home alone sucks.

As parents we fantasize about being alone without the kids…yes we all do it!

Dreaming about having a night off.  Experiencing an evening of bliss when we don’t worry or talk or ponder about our kids.  Especially if it happens in the midst of the tough parenting stages, which occurs from the time they’re born until you die.  Because parents are never NOT parents.  Once we take on the role, it turns into a life-time appointment, like a supreme court judge.

The only trouble with fantasizing about having a night off from parenting is that it’s never as great as we imagine it would be.

Having teenagers in my house means my kids have grown into little adults with whom I can have a conversation with.   Continue reading

What to do at an airport without a laptop

In the wake of the astonishingly and somewhat surprising revelation that the US, and it’s little brother the UK, has imposed a ban on travelers who want to carry laptops, tablets, camera’s, vibrators, vacuum cleaners, boom boxes and other big electronic equipment on a plane, I instinctively knew I had to assist my fellow travelers.  Especially those who travel on one of the eight airlines listed.  Fortunately the Southern tip of Africa is as yet still protected from the wrath of the Oompa Loompa King.

I immediately rushed to the closest phone booth and changed into my alter ego, Mister Know-It-All.  I was ready to fly off, faster than a speeding bullet and provide all my loyal followers with insight into handling this precarious position because no-one likes to leave their electronic partners at home.

So I’ve taken the liberty of listing a few things a person can do at an airport whilst waiting, without the luxury of having a laptop around. Continue reading

Battled and bruised – A sequel

A few weeks ago I posted in the midst of my preparation for an exam and how Dude inspired me to do better and stop complaining about my shit.  He showed me what it means to never give up.

The truth is that during his trials and tribulations of trying to make the first rugby team of his high school, he basically sacrificed his own body.  Which is how rugby works.  Rugby is basically 30 guys wrestling each other for an egg shaped ball.  And unlike the wimps across the Atlantic, rugby players do so without any form of protective gear.  Wife would argue that the NFL players are intelligent human beings who are not willing to suffer a dilapidated injury in the name of sports.  But this is my blog so I can call them what I want. In the words of Yoda: “If sports you want play and padding you must wear, wimps you must be.” Continue reading