When did the 16-age restriction become porn?


I’m not a prune.  I have used the f-bomb before.  Yes, even on this site.  I use shit often, at least once a day.  It’s a regular thing.  I’ll giggle at a dirty joke and if it’s really dark, I might even burst out of laughter and then cover my mouth in shame, especially if Wife’s around.  As a rule I tend to avoid r-rated stuff when I’m around my kids, because they’re a… you know, my kids. Continue reading

Nine lessons, courtesy of Deadpool

1. Having a sense of humor is important especially if your face looks like “a testicle with teeth”.

2. There are worse methods of torture than listening to Kanye West.

3. When you take the effort of packing a duffel bag full of guns, don’t forget said bag in the cab.

4. No matter how crooked your own puzzle piece is, there is someone who’s just as crooked and together you make the perfect picture. Continue reading

Anticipating Deadpool


Wanna cuddle?

Good morning, afternoon and evening to you all.  My name is Ah Dad and I am a Superheriolic.  (Also evidently, slightly confused about time-zones.)  It has been more than two weeks since my last viewing.  And that was a re-run of the first Superman.  What can I say, I was desperate.

Most of my regular peeps (I’m tryin’ to be hip and cool in front of the kids) would know that I am proudly geek and have an unrealistic love of all things super, including my Wife. Continue reading

Pixels left me…um….how should I put this…unsatisfied?

Proof that Adam Sandler still makes terrible movies

Proof that Adam Sandler still makes terrible movies

The premise was phenomenally original: Eighties arcade games invading earth! Who doesn’t remember spending copious amounts of coins trying to eat dots AND outrun those four coloured ghosts?  Or destroy row after row of Space Invaders?  The short film which the movie was based on blew me away to the point of contributing to almost 50% of the almost 1,4 million YouTube views. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard that they’re planning a full length movie. I was so happy,  I ran around town yelling at random people: “Did you hear?  Did you hear?”  I kind of regret that now.  Moving on…

Then came the biggest let down of the century.  Even worse than the time when I realised she was a he. Continue reading

I was the only one

The Wife and I are blessed with a pigeon pair.  A boy and a girl.  This presents an opportunity to experience the full range of hormones and mood swings that exist in teenagers of both genders.  It’s not as pleasant as it sounds.  We have front row seats to observe how men develop and eventually tuck their balls into a gym bag and migrate to Mars, whilst women on the other hand, reach maturity, take their broomsticks and fly to Venus.  Seeing our two develop into little adults provides me with a profound understanding on what’s happening in the mind of the Wife.  And visa versa.  Which is much easier for her, as we all know there’s not that much happening in the mind of man. Other than the obvious sex, sports, friends and beer. Continue reading

How to experience a geekgasm.

Yes, this team is frigging awesome.

Yes, this team is frigging awesome.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is frigging awesome! I have to admit, initially I used a different adjective in the opening sentence but as a parent I need to set some sort of example for the not-so-little-ones.  Every writer knows that in some cases the English language seems inadequate in providing a better word than the good old f-bomb.  Evidently the Wife is better than the English language as she provided a softer alternative… Continue reading

Ah Dad’s semi-live reactions to the 2015 Academy Awards Nominations

I started typing this 13 minutes before the big reveal that is the Academy Awards nominations of 2015.  I suppose it’s only a BIG deal if you like movies as much as I do.  Or if you’re name is called, but then alas you’re also into movies.  I must admit, this is not going to make me cry like that moment when South Africa is going to hold up the Web Ellis trophy as winners of the Rugby World Cup later this year.

I’m gonna try something I’ve never done before, give my own brief reactions as they call out the different categories, edit quickly and then post.  Thus referring to them as “semi-live”.  Please note, living in the bottom half of Africa implies that we’re not privy to all the movies they are talking about, but we do have live audio streaming.  And we can always buy pirate copies on street corners.

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