Wife is the greatest Mother in the World (or How I score brownie points.)

Nurturing.  Loving.  Giving.  Selfless.  Unconditional.  Guidance. Compassion. Sympathy. Trust. Patience. Consoling. Supporting. Transport. Taxi. Food. Money.

These are all synonyms and/or characteristics for the earthlings known as Mothers.


And my kids has the best Mother in the world.  And I should know, as I’m the eldest kid in our house.

  • Who else would provide a perfect balance between the erratic behavior of a father and the erratic behavior of a teenager?
  • Who else would drive up and down a thousand times just so that the kids don’t have to sit at school and wait for half an hour?
  • Who else would delay a pee just so she could finish watching her son play his game?
  • Who else makes my kids laugh from the pit of their stomachs?
  • Who else would teach their daughter to turn the other cheek when bitches surround her on a daily basis?
  • Who else allow her kids to take risks and learn from their mistakes and be there to console and support them when they do?
  • Who else makes my job as a parent so much easier?
  • Who else keeps track of all the detail in the busy lives of our family?
  • Who else can built a spectacular refuge which is also the happiest, warmest, funniest, safest haven in the whole frigging world?
  • Who else would sacrifice her life and everything else to ensure her children’s happiness?
  • Who else is the poster child of what it means to be a Mother?
  • Who else is there who can make every day great, just by hearing her voice or seeing her eyes lit up when she smiles?
  • And who else can inspire me to be a better version of me?

I love you more than I love Baby Groot.

There’s a good chance that the kids love YOU a little more than they love me but I don’t blame them, you feed us too.

To all the Mothers out there, may your day be extra special this year!

19 thoughts on “Wife is the greatest Mother in the World (or How I score brownie points.)

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