Treat you better

This might look weird to some of you as this is a re-blog of Ah Dad written by Ah Dad.  It’s only because it is a post from my other blog. Yes, I have two.

The message is such an important one that I think it needs to reach more than the 30 people who share my love of music.

A Song Diary

The shit just got real over here…

A talented SHAWN MENDES crafted an amazing song about people making the wrong choices about their relationships.  The music video elaborates on this theme. It’s slightly disturbing and highly thought provoking.

I pray that both Dude and Princess listen to the lyrics of this song and treasure its message forever.  I pray that you never find yourselves with someone who doesn’t treat you like we would.  I pray that whomever you give your hearts to, that they will keep it safe and cherish and nurture it.  And I pray that they will make your eyes smile, every single day.

I pray that you will always choose someone who will TREAT YOU BETTER because each one of us deserves nothing less.

And for the record…those of you who are reckless with the hearts of my kids…

I have a double barreled shotgun and I’m…

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