Laugh with me #44

Oh. My. Word. Table stability has never been more important in the history of man.

EmFAWOctRuqDkGLfa0NW_Birthday Table Flop

Happy birthday Princess!!

19 thoughts on “Laugh with me #44

  1. His brother (I assume it to be his brother because only a brother (maybe a dad) would pull a prank like this) knows what’s going happen. He laughs then lifts his arms just to the table will flip. Our table is sturdy enough for us to dance on so this trick won’t work here.

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  2. Julle manne is darem nare goed…verlustig julle so in die outjie se mislukte verjaarsdagtafel!Toemaar ek het ook lekker gelag,maar voel baie deernis vir die ma wie se moeite binne sekondes vernietig is!😂😂

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