The world is burning

I’m sitting here in absolute disbelief.  Sickened by humanity.  Disappointed in the human race.  No wonder aliens wouldn’t bother reasoning with us.  We’re an intolerant, judgmental, hateful bunch of a-holes.  They’ll just use their green-ray guns and vaporize us to smithereens before starting over. “Zoom. Zap. Done.”

What is happening to the world we live in?  Between bombings, shootings, violence, protests, referendums and political insecurity it feels like we are on the brink of being dumped right back into the Middle Ages. I don’t know much, but I do know that I won’t be able to defend myself with a sword.  Please tell me I’m dreaming and I’ve watched one too many Game of Thrones episodes…

But my twitter feed tells me otherwise.

It’s headline after headline of violent acts taking place across the globe.  I’m still in shock reading about the shootings that’s taking place between cops and black people in the US.  At a time when I’m still trying to recover from the bombings of public places in Turkey and Iraq. Not too mention the appalling news of people going into clubs and restaurants with weapons, randomly killing other people just because they don’t like their sexual orientation or religion. Then there’s Brexit and Trump and Zuma.

It’s a tsunami of hatred and racism and homophobia and unrest and distrust and violence and bombs. The shit has officially hit the fan, people.

And the only image I see is a burning world.


What the f*ck is happening to us?  Why do I get the feeling that humanity is losing hope and slowly regressing with a 100 years?  Was there an Apocalypse I’m not aware of? Because the struggle for survival is the only logical reason why people would go and randomly kill each other.

What lessons are we teaching our kids?  What legacy are we leaving behind?  What do they think when they watch the headlines flashing across all the social platforms? And where are the great leaders of the world?  The people who should inspire the rest of us to be better?  Maybe they’re extinct…

And then it struck me!

I am the one who needs to be the inspiration.  If only for my own children.  For the people I react with.  I need to be the one who sets the example of tolerance, of love, of patience.  I need to be one who believes in the good of man.  I need to refrain from forming narrow minded stereotypical assumptions of the things I see.  I need to have faith that a few bad apples are not representative of the fruit basket that is mankind.

And that’s how we turn the tide.  How we generate positive thinking.  How we don’t lose hope.  It all starts with me.  And you.  Because the world doesn’t have a reboot button. What happens happens and it’s happening now.

Parents need to be the hope in the face of hopelessness.  Show love in a time of hate.  We need to set the example of tolerance and understanding.  We need to show our kids that the world is NOT rotten to the core.

Because as the shit is hitting the fan, no-one else is going to tell my kids to turn their faces from whatever is flying their way.

That’s my job.


44 thoughts on “The world is burning

  1. This is the truth, we can make all the difference. As I’ve been moving around the past week and a half, our shared humanness is something that has struck me. We all want peace for our children, we want love, we want an opportunity to express our uniqueness, and we are all in this little adventure together. It’s too bad we can’t figure this out.

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  2. Absolutely agree – one person cannot turn a tide alone, but together we can make real changes instead of berating those changes that have gone before us. Wise words! #fabfridaypost

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    • Will there ever be enough people on that program? For me, it’s kind of like after your kids have learned to drive, and hopefully they have learned some good driving habits from you, so you can tell them truthfully that you don’t worry about their driving so much as you worry about the way the people around them drive. If you look at it this way, we really cannot influence how other people raise their children. This is compounded when not only parents, but other “authority figures”, teach children to hate and destroy.

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  4. Eeue lank gebeur hierdie aaklige dinge!Al verskil is,dat dit vandag binne sekondes oral bekend is.Daarom voel dit vir joe soos ‘n tsunami van slegte goed.Jy is so reg om deur jou voorbeeld jou kinders die moed en hoop te gee om ‘n goeie lewe te ly.

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  5. It was Gandhi who said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I think this post fits it perfectly. The world has a lot of screw ups in it (they are still FAR outnumbered by the non-screw ups). So long as we’re not in the screw up category and doing good in the world I think that’s the best we can do. I don’t understand why we have to fight over who’s God is better or who’s country is better.

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  6. Absolutely brilliantly written. I couldn’t have said it better. Your are too right. The world has gone absolutely mad. Sometimes I feel we need a break from it. Why can’t everyone just stop – just stop and get along for goodness sake! My head hurts just thinking about it. Like you, all I can do is try my best to set a good example and shed some lights in this world to my children. May the good force to be reckoned with! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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  8. Wow, fantastic post, my friend. Spot on! Gandhi was already quoted by Eric so I’m not doing that again. It is so up to us. I don’t believe people when they say that all is lost and that there’s nothing we can do. I believe that every tiny little bit counts. That if we do our share to make this world better, and even if it’s just in our tiny little area, then we have done a lot. As I say: Many tiny drops make for a huge rain storm… Add all those little tiny things we do up and you will get a wave. Let’s lead our kids in the right direction. Thank you so much for this amazing post!

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  9. A good thoughtful post. The speed of technology means it’s all so immediate now and we have to equip our children with the skills to if not understand it then to be critical of what is being presented and ask questions about it. We may not have the answers but we can help to find them together.


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  11. This was a great post and I agreed with everything except to link Brexit in with those other things. Brexit is not about hate or killing, it’s simply people showing their objection to the choices of an unelected body in Brussels that affect us. We don’t mind immigration but want to be able to control it ourselves. We’re happy to take genuine refugees at any time.
    We want to be able to use our money in better ways and to trade with a wider world again, especially our Commonwealth friends. We dislike the wastage on money within the EU and the often vast expenses paid to Euro MP’s. But none of this means we hate our neighbours or immigrants even though our Benefits system is straining at the seams now and our migrants to Europe do not get reciprocal Benefits.
    Brexit is about choice, not about hate which was a common scare term used by the Bremain group. We feel the pain of the world as you do and strive to make the world better like almost everyone else.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • Thanks for the comment…
      I referenced Brexit only as another thingcthat is changing in the modern world, and definately didn’t imply hatred because if it. I hope I didn’t offend any of my British friends…


  12. Mmmm…I look at it from a slightly different angle. History shows us that nothing is new under the sun. People have been killing, beheading, brexiting, bombing, facing police brutality and racism for years. The difference is now you can watch it LIVE as it happens folks! The revolution will indeed be televised…and tweeted and Face-booked and Instagrammed. It just seems like it’s more in your face as a result. Just imagine the fall of the Roman Empire being tweeted live and you’ll get what I mean.

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