The bikini is 70 years old

I follow Time magazine because let’s face it, I need some intellectual input in my life as well. I need all the help I can get.

And that is why I know the bikini is a geriatric this week. And one of the main reasons why most men have been rejoicing for decades!


“Isn’t this a little bit sexist?” asked no man ever.

Hop over to the link and see how swimsuits evolved since the Victorian era up to the birth of the bikini seventy years ago.  It starts off with a woolen jacket on a provocative pose in 1840.  Then moves through an array of dresses in the early 1900’s that was subject to length violations.  Then it jumps to body-hugging leotards in the 1930’s, until the big reveal of a small bikini worn by a 19-year-old nude dancer, named Micheline Bernardini, for a beauty contest in Paris in 1946. Because where else?

She’s also posing with the suitcase used to pack the bathing suit she’s almost wearing.  (It’s stuck in her left hand, for those of you who are bad in finding Waldo.)

It comes as no surprise to know that it was a man who came up with the concept of covering the bare necessities of a woman with three teeny-tiny pieces of cloth. The pervert designer was an engineer by the name of Louis Reard.

And all the men got out of their reading chairs for a standing ovation…

If you want to know more about this three-piece extravaganza then I suggest a Google search…no wait…that might cause a spike in blood pressure and I certainly don’t want to be held accountable for anyone’s heart attack today.

Just try Wikipedia, it’s a lot safer.

Now the question remains: How many of you tried the Google search first?


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