The Happiness Tag


It’s not what you think…

I didn’t pull this from a wine bottle.  I was nominated.  Because it seems I make other people smile.  (Could someone please tell the Wife!)

Thanks to Eric over at All in a Dad’s Work for the wonderful nomination. Catchy name for a blog isn’t it?  Wish I thought of it first but I didn’t, so now I’m just one of his avid followers.  I’m an official fan. And I even get a weekly commission from him for proclaiming it in public.

Here are the rules for the Happiness Tag. Because as with acceptance of any nomination on WordPress; you need to put in the time as well.

  • Five things that make you happy.
    • The Wife.  Because Happy Wife, happy life.
    • Dude. Because he’s funnier than he thinks he is.
    • Princess.  Because she’s my Princess, so stay the f#ck away boys.
    • Holidays. Because it provides me with a time where I don’t have to work.
    • Blogging. Because it provides me with a time where I don’t have to work.
  • Five songs that make you happy.
    • Send my love (Adele) – Because she blows my mind every so often.
    • We Belong (Pat Banatar) – Because it’s our song.  And I don’t mean Pat and me as I’ve never met her.  I mean the Wife and I. It’s our song. Because We Belong together. Forever and ever. Until my last breath. Or hers. Or not even until then. Our love will transcend death.
    • Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) – Because I can still rap along with every single word and that makes me look really cool at house parties, when the kids are not around, obviously.
    • Sounds of Silence (Disturbed) – Because you will feel exactly like I do once you’ve taken the time to listen to this absolutely awesome rendition of the song.
    • Hit me/Oops/Stronger/Toxic (Britney Spears) – Because she is still the only reason why I want to go to Las Vegas.
  • Five bloggers that make you happy and notify them of the nomination.

And that’s it.  Spreading joy is my middle name.  Okay it’s not, but imagine if it was!  That would have been very cool, bro. (Thanks for nothing Mom and Dad..)  I could have been Mr Spreadin’ Joy.  It makes me sound like a Native Indian clown or something. It would have provided me with a valid reason for wearing feathers in my hair and nothing else. Maybe people wouldn’t laugh at me like they do now.


I hope I made you smile…

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