Me being a …

Don’t complete that heading just yet…Wait for it…

Here are ten things you may or may not know about yours truly:

  1. I’m 42 years young. (And look as ravishing as ever.)
  2. I’m married to a spectacular Wife. (Who happens to be superhuman.)
  3. I have two teenage kids. (Who only becomes irrational when I use the word “No”.)
  4. I am employed.  (Steak and wine doesn’t come cheap.)
  5. I train on weekdays. (What else would I do at 05h00 in the morning?)
  6. I have friends. (And not just Facebook ones.)
  7. All four of my parents are still alive.  (And they thrive on love and attention.)
  8. I blog. (If one considers blogging to be posting the randomness that is my life.)
  9. I sleep at night. (As there is no time for that shit during the day.)
  10. I’ve decided to enroll for an M B A.  Post graduate.  I started on Monday.

And that would probably make me a good candidate for a mental institution. My life is clearly not complicated enough. What was I thinking? I must be a humongous sucker for punishment. OR maybe it’s just a subtle cry for help…

Whatever the reason, it’s just Me Being A

12 thoughts on “Me being a …

  1. I was in my early forties when I went back for my Masters…my daughter and I graduated the same year, she from high school, me from grad school. I applaud your decision. Drove my kid nuts when I’d say things like, “you have no excuse for not getting your homework done, all you do is go to school where I have to work, cook, clean, take care of you, AND go to school…” It was great. Like the “back in my day” speech only in real time, lol.

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