A final goodbye to our Gay French Poodle

Dogs have a magical ability,  a canine superpower if you like.   They can make a human fall in love with them at first sight. They use various tactics to achieve this.  Sorrowful eyes,  droopy ears,  cuteness or sometimes just being different.


You never knew you were a dog

Pippa was different from the rest of his litter.  With a brown, shiny nose and a hint of beige on an otherwise white body. But it was his calmness in the midst of chaos that struck this family.  He didn’t jump or bark for attention as his siblings did. He just sat quietly in the corner watching us.  And with that innocent stare, he captured every single one of our hearts.  We took him home.

That was ten years ago. And over the course of time he managed to edge himself even deeper and deeper into lives of our family.

And in the same way he arrived into our lives, he left. Quietly and without a fuss. Waiting for us to leave the house.  Not wanting to cause any unnecessary distress.  It didn’t help.  He left shattered hearts in his wake as he passed unexpectedly over the weekend.

I’m not sure what happens to the souls of dogs. I would like to believe that the special ones goes to some kind of dog-heaven.  If that’s the case, Pippa would be king.  Just like he was in our house.

I certainly didn’t expect the tsunami of tears pouring down the faces of my family when it finally sunk in that he is no longer with us.  The end of an era.  Who knew that a pet could become such an integral part of a household?  It broke my heart to see Wife missing him so much.

The tears have dried up but our house will never be the same without our gay French poodle, prancing around like he owned the place.  We will miss the ecstatic greetings, the demands for attention and the gallery of soft toys he destroyed.  We will never forget the night he saved us from a burglary.

We might even miss your damn sock fetish,  you wonderful creature you…

29 thoughts on “A final goodbye to our Gay French Poodle

  1. Oh Pieter, I am so sorry for your loss. Our fur babies hold such a deep place in our hearts, showering us with their unconditional love. Sending you & your family big virtual hugs my friend.💛

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  2. I read a couple books written from a dog’s perspective. In “The Art of Racing in the Rain” dogs work to be reincarnated as a human. The dog believes that the only difference between dogs and human is the opposable thumb. In “A Dog’s Journey” dogs are reincarnated as an other dog until their purpose is fulfilled. Either way, All Dogs Go to Heaven.

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  3. Man, it’s hard to hit the like button for a post like this. A warm condolences button seems more appropriate.

    My heart goes out to you and the entire family. Grief, just like the human heart, knows no boundaries when it comes to how much love and hurt the loss of a pet can effect us.

    After reading this, I gave my husky, Sasha, an extra long hug. I’d like to extend that hug to you and yours. So sorry to hear this.

    To help ease the pain, you have to start personally chewing on your families socks. The noble work of a stoic dad.

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  4. My heart is breaking for your household. I have been in your shoes myself on more than one occasion. Each animal came into my life to teach me lessons about myself. I know your pet taught you many things as well.

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    • I only replied to the comments today because I think we finally excepted reality. The biggest thing he taught us would be unconditional love. My family is doing a lot better, we’ve reached a stage where we can tell stories about Pippa without sobbing…
      Thank you.


  5. It’s never easy to lose a pet. I thought I’d never cry over a pet because it just seemed silly. But I did when my first cat passed. Bucket loads too! So sorry for your loss and I’m sure he’s gone to dog heaven and be as gay (I. E happy) as he can be. 😊

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