The Sounds of Silence

This is technically a reblog from my other blog, A Song Diary, which most of you are not visiting as frequently.  Don’t worry, my therapist said I’m still a great human being and I shouldn’t evaluate my self-worth solely based on the amount of followers I have or, as it is in that case, don’t have.  (The fact that I run around the house naked is reason for concern.)  Besides the 28 of us are having a musical blast over there.  Striving to become a better person, I decided to share my latest discovery with the rest of you because it simply BLEW MY MIND.  

Do I like heavy metal?  Hell no! The screeching of guitars and screams mascarading as singing has never poked my interest.  I like to hear the lyrics and just like canines I cannot handle high pitch screeching noises.  BUT every so often some of these bands are able to create haunting pieces of music. Songs that gives me goosebumps, in a good way off course.

As is the case with DISTURBED and their rendition of the old Simon and Garfunkel classic THE SOUND OF SILENCE.  In this clip you can also see how a video can lift a song to an artform.  You will not find one guest celebrity or any woman shaking her booty in the face of a rapper sitting in a chair.  A rare find these days.

And here I am not even being the greatest fan of covers BUT…

Were you able to look away at any moment during the song? I couldn’t but I’m weak.  Just a sucker for a good song.  I was absolutely transfixed.

Do yourselves a favour and check out their video for The Light as well, truly inspirational stuff.

Maybe they’re not a heavy metal band as per Wikipedia.  They’re a little more rock  which is why I got the album.

16 thoughts on “The Sounds of Silence

  1. They’re kinda like heavy rock, not heavy metal. I like ’em. Hence I have a couple Disturbed albums. I love this song. I heard a couple months ago (I think). I like Simon and Art’s version, but this was spectacularly haunting and beautiful. Awesome song choice, my friend.

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  2. They have obviously captured the soul of the song in a way the authors never could. Transfixed by it. ❤ And I do love heavy metal crazy rock screamo! 😉 Great choice to share!

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  3. I heard words that I missed in the Simon and Garfunkle song.The video was hauntingly beautiful, I liked the way it became his own original; he sang it with authenticity. The peircing was the only disturbing part for me *titters*.

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