Idiot? Or Genius?

It has been confirmed on numerous occasions that people are capable of strange and stupid things.

When you watch this video below you will witness a naked guy robbing a liquor store in a small coastal town called Port Shepstone, South Africa.  The go-to reaction would be to condemn this man to full blown idiot-status.  Who in their right mind takes off every piece of clothing and use it to cover their face and then steal a few bottles of bourbon in their birthday suit? Based on my experience, a person normally gets rid of their clothes AFTER the consumption of liquor…not BEFORE.  (Did I say, experience?  I meant to say based on what I’ve heard…)

So this takes a very specific kind of stupid, right?  I mean who does that?  Running around arse-in-air, their head completely covered, stealing whisky…

Or did we just witness the work of a new criminal mastermind?  A new super villain, Captain Tush…

Because in the security footage video Captain Tush doesn’t have any recognizable features that normal people would use to identify other people with.  He’s not wearing any clothes and he’s hiding his face.  So who among us are able to identify a person by their buttocks alone?  (Unless that buttocks belongs to Kim or J-Lo or Beyonce off course.)  No arrests have been made so Captain Tush may have pulled off the perfect crime.  By pulling of his pants…

Warning: Video contains nudity. Of Captain Tush’s greatest ass-et.

It’s also another motivation for a criminal mastermind not to have any tattoo’s.  A red flaming dragon chasing a purple chipmunk over his back and arse would have ruined any plans of being inconspicuous.

And that’s the butt end of the story.

13 thoughts on “Idiot? Or Genius?

  1. Lol…ek dink hy was reeds gesuip!Ek ken mense by wie ‘n kaal vetgesmeerde inbreker sy geluk probeer het.Die vet was om hom glad te maak dat niemand hom kan vasgryp nie.Raai wat…hulle Rotweiler het hom geruik en die man in die hospitaal in gebyt.Hy het later beswyk aan sy wonde wat hy ook opgedoen het toe hy deur ‘n glasvenster gespring het om van die vleiseter weg te kom!

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