I have the GREATEST friends (or Why my head hurts today)

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I thought you should know.  Are you asking me how old I am? It’s kind of a sensitive subject.  Besides, if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you.  It’s a condition of the witness protection program.  BUT seeing that you’re nagging me, I’m young enough to walk unassisted when sober and I’m old enough for students to call me “sir”.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t let a birthday slide past without celebrating the damn thing.  Wife would correct me by saying I’m the type of guy who doesn’t let anything slide past without celebrating it.  What can I say?  We like to party.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than hanging out with my mates.  That’s probably not totally true but this is not an erotic blog so I’ll stick with that.

I facilitated such a gathering last night.  The plan was to have a beer or two. The reality was slightly different as things didn’t really go according to the plan.  Every great evening starts with the best intentions.  We ended up having more than two.  Resulting in massive amounts of fun for all.

You might wonder what’s so special about a bunch of middle-aged mates drinking beer and solving all the problems of the world and then some.  Absolutely nothing.  So why am I writing about it then?  I actually just needed an excuse to post this picture:

2016-01-28 08.17.05

I’m awesome

It’s a gift from one of my best mates.  I actually got goosebumps as I was unwrapping it. Isn’t he great?  And I’m referring to my friend being great, not Deadpool.  We all know Deadpool is friggin’ awesome.

The only problem is that the Wife doesn’t want me to hang this portrait in our bedroom.  Or in the lounge. Not even if it is my birthday.  I don’t understand why.  I mean, he is framed and everything.

Due to the fact that she has booked me for tomorrow evening, I opted to let it go and Deadpool is now on display in my office.  Along with this other gift I received two years ago which the Wife also didn’t want in our bedroom.

2016-01-28 08.45.32

This is real art, commissioned by a good friend’s kid.

I know, you’re all so very jealous of me right now.

Thanks again D.

15 thoughts on “I have the GREATEST friends (or Why my head hurts today)

  1. Okay, you’re right, it has been a while. I didn’t know you changed your theme. I wouldn’t have let you hang that in my house either. Understand that she is thinking of the family. Nobody needs to know that you are a huge man-child who still covets comic book heroes. You may keep that to yourself, and apparently, your co-workers. It’s in your best interest, really. She loves you. Not Deadpool or the Joker.

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