The Alphabet, Ah Dad style.

I’m not even going to try and give credit to the first person who posted this because it would be impossible.  It’s like trying to find the first person who said “I’ll be dammed.” Besides, I know my own limitations and I’m no detective nor am I a hooker. (I meant hacker. Damn auto-correct!)

I would be easier to find the purple unicorn and just give a shout-out to Stomperdad for making me do this.

A: AGE | 41 years and 363 days.

The devil is in the detail and I’m not a huge fan of getting a bigger number every year.

B: BIGGEST FEAR | Going bald.

I’m so vain and I’m convinced that song was about me.


You know that I edit my posts to prevent it from being crap, right?  Sometimes it doesn’t help. But the answer to this question will therefore change constantly, until I press publish.  It’s how time works.

D: DRINK I LAST HAD | My morning coffee.

It’s how I get a personality.


As long as I don’t do anything wrong.

F: FAVORITE SONG | Only one?

How is this possible? Who, in the wide expanse of the Cosmos, has only one song as their favourite?  No-one. I have to admit that I do consider “We belong” from Pat Benatar to be our song.  I’ve claimed it as such.  It belongs to the Wife and I.

G: GROSSEST MEMORY | Got nothing

This one left me stumped.  My brain is able to delete gross and painful moments from memory.  The Human Centipede would probably fit the bill, if I allowed myself to watch trash.

H: HOMETOWN | Newcastle, ZA

And I am STILL living here.  Nothing beats it. It’s NOT sad…

I: IN LOVE WITH | The Wife

Who else?  I fooled the greatest human being on the planet to marry me.  So you can stop the search, as I found her and she’s mine… all mine…My precious…

J: JEALOUS OF | Published writers

It’s not fair that some people are getting paid for doing something I love so much.


And if I tell you who, where and when, I’ll have to kill you too.

L: LONGEST RELATIONSHIP | The Wife *insert duh*

Dated for 2. Marriage going on 20. That’s years.  And then, as an added bonus, we have two wonderful brats that were born out of this blessed union.

M: MIDDLE NAME | Andries

And this is one of the reasons why I killed that… never mind.


A brother and two sisters who are nothing like me.  We’re all pretty normal for a psychotic family.

O: ONE WISH | To have lots of money.

No wait. To be invisible.  No.  To own an Iron man suit.  No…umm. To be Superman.  No scrap that one too. I wish I was good in bed.  Oh wait, I am.  Moving on.


So she turns out be a ginormous part of my life, deal with it.  I love that chick.

Q: QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED | Where are you from?

EVERY TIME when I travel.  Yes people, there are still white people living in South Africa.

R: REASON TO SMILE | The mirror

When I see myself.  You’ll laugh too.

S: SONG YOU LAST SANG | Love yourself (Justin Bieber)

I know, I’m ashamed.

T: TIME YOU WOKE UP | 04:30 a.m.

Every f*cking morning.


I go commando. I’m kidding, what kind of sick person do you think I am?  But, to be honest, I’m actually writing this in the nude.  It makes me think clearly and keeps my other hand busy so I don’t overindulge in red wine.

V: VACATION DESTINATION | Anywhere but here

As long as the three most important people in the universe joins me, I couldn’t care less where we go.

W: WORST HABIT | I compulsively check my phone for WordPress notifications

And it annoys the shit out of my Wife who has threatened to (1) Throw my phone in the pool (2) Drive over my phone and (3) Throw me with the damn thing.  What can I say, I need help. And another like…

X: X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD | My foot

I’ve had a quite a few during my stay on earth.  When I was a kid I was sort of accident prone.  I actually had one last week due to a jogging injury because at my age the simplest activity can break you.

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD | Spaghetti Bolognaise

But you knew that already.

Z: ZODIAC SIGN | Aquarius

Whatever that is supposed to mean.

18 thoughts on “The Alphabet, Ah Dad style.

    • I hope that my self-confessed editing didn’t ruin the experience…;-) I’m not the world’s greatest typist, so I have to go back and check the words so I don’t come off as a drunk.


  1. Have you looked into Self-publishing? You can publish to Amazon, you can publish e-Books. You should really look into it. Another writer I know, published his kids essay for class to Amazon (3 pages) and is selling it for like $1.50. You can do better than that, right?

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