Dating guide for Dude(s)

Based on the reaction I received for the Guide for dating my Daughter, I thought it fitting to show the world that I’m not biased against boys trying to date Princess. Here’s one for all the girls out there who would be trying to steal the heart of Dude as well…

Ah dad...

I compiled one for Princess, it only seems fair I do the same for Dude.

Lust is in the air. Lust is in the air.

He’s getting older, which explains why he suddenly becomes aware of hot girls, dreams about his first kiss and smiles every time he hears the word “boobs”. Technically it’s more than a smile; it’s the same look I get when someone mentions red wine and spaghetti bolognaise.

It’s common knowledge that teenage boys are a bit strange as they have all that testosterone raging through their bodies, giving them wide shoulders, hair in weird places and turns their voices into squeaky toys.  Unfortunately the hormone also prohibits them from making proper choices when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

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