In loving memory of 2015

Yes, my peeps it’s that time of the year again.  When my mailbox is still recovering from all the spam about Black Friday specials.  It’s also a time when Christmas lights are flashing everywhere, tempting people to break out in joyous song. And then there is the poor, sweaty, white guy in a red suit…  The biggest sign that another year is puffing its last breath, is the fact that my normal friendly, courteous demeanor is breaking away and I’m trying to keep the big, angry, frustrated, wanna-kick-some ass guy at bay.

Or in the words of The Hulk: “Me. Ah Dad. Me smash face. Anyone.”

Fortunately for everyone who might be in a desperate need of an ass-kicking, my annual holiday is upon us. *Insert choir belting out “Joy to the world.”*  With ‘upon us’ I mean it actually started two days ago! The camp is pitched, the kids are nowhere to be seen, the beer is cold, so today marks the first day of a period in my life where I will do as little as possible and aim to do it (1) Effectively and (2) As long as I can.  I’m up for the challenge. I am that type of guy.

Before I enter my period of nothingness, there is something I need to do.  Something I’ve never done before, but what the heck…seeing that this might be the last written post on Ah Dad for 2015….why not make it a review. My toast to the last twelve months if my life. Ready? Glasses full?

To kick things off I am happy to report that I didn’t achieve any of the Things I didn’t want to achieve in 2105.

The highlights (or the Let’s drink to that moments!)

The lowlights (or the Let’s drink because of it moments!)

A few things that could have gone better (or the Let’s drink to No Regrets moments!)

So what about next year? (or the Let’s drink to The Future moments!)

  • Live for every second.
  • Love every minute.
  • Laugh every hour.
  • Spend quality time every day.
  • Train as often as I can.
  • No regrets.
  • And blog about it all.

For those who have been paying attention, I did mention it would be my final written post, did I not?  As I’m really insecure about being ignored or worse, forgotten, I went to the ends of the Internet to find a way so I could keep my presence in my absence.  And I found a way!  “How?” You might ask…Well, if I told you, I have to kill you.

I’m leaving you with periodic GIF’s in my series of Laugh with Me! that will leave you LOL’ing, ROFL’ing, LMAO’ing or as normal would people say, in stitches.  So there is no real reason to forget about Ah Dad, is there? You may comment and I may even reply to said comment.  History has taught us that anything is possible.

So this is Ah Dad… signing off, unofficially or until something really funny happens whilst I’m soaking up the sun.  Thanks for the memories, the likes, the comments and the awesome writing from all my old and new friends.

Until next year! Have a good one!

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