Some people don’t like me

I know right?  Who can believe this to be true?  A nice guy like me?  Evidently one cannot ignore the facts.  And this is no cheap trick to get you to read my post. Not that I usually employ cheap tricks.  I don’t need cheap tricks.  In a house with two teenagers I can barely keep up with all the shenanigans, even though my posting schedule suggests otherwise.  An unfortunate thing called life is getting in the way of me posting frequently.  Yes, I agree, the bastard. How dare he?

Getting back to the idiot person who doesn’t like me.  After paying a fortune on counselling, my psychiatrist agreed that I am now mature enough to accept the fact that not everyone will want to share a bottle of wine with yours truly.  I’ve met such a person face-to-face.  A guy who told me, in no uncertain terms, that I am arrogant.  The funny thing is that if he bothered to get off his judgmental, high fucking (sorry kids!) horse, he would come to know me and realize that I am indeed arrogant.  Especially to those, whom I reckon, I would be able to take in a fight.  Or run away from.

Maybe I should qualify the confrontation that turned slightly awry and gave me something to ponder about.  For a mere second or two…can’t please everybody right?

The guy is a customer of mine.  A customer who refused to pay the price I was offering.  A customer who had an unreasonable expectation.  A customer who wouldn’t know a good deal if it crawled up his ass and spawned three generations.  So he cancelled the order last minute.  Redefining the word ‘prick’.  I had no choice, so I sold the same quantity to one of his subsidiaries at a reduced price.  He was furious and went off like a cheap alarm that left me with a lot of gratification.  Maybe I’m part sadist.

Now why would a gentleman like me, do something that might be perceived by some as a little bit underhanded? Mainly because times are tough and because I don’t think it warrants the criticism. Thank you very much.

Sometimes in business you need to make tough choices, even if it is not going to sit well with a few people.  Win-win is not always a viable option.  If it makes good business sense, it simply makes good business sense.  Argument over.  Human relationships can be mended.  In time.  If you really, really want too.  Money is little bit more hardcore.  It doesn’t have feelings.  It couldn’t care less how it ends up adding to the bottom line.

Don’t worry, my story doesn’t end there…Arrogant Me and Judgmental Him finally buried the hatchet, once I made him understood my point of view.  😉 We’ve returned to our prior relationship that was built on trust and low prices, even though he still wouldn’t share a bottle of red with me.  And that has nothing to do with my sparkling personality, it’s mainly because he is a devote Muslem man.

And everyone says Ahhh…


9 thoughts on “Some people don’t like me

  1. Someone doesn’t like you? How amazing.
    I get all excited when one of your posts hits my inbox. I eagerly anticipate your next post with awe and reverence. The tone others might find “arrogant” is one your followers may consider well-deserved self-acknowledged awareness of your own greatness. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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