Laugh with me #9

This one had me rolling on the floor and enforced my belief that cats are an alien specie sent to earth to torment humans.  There are so many things I can say about this clip but most of those things doesn’t belong on this blog.  They were all very funny, just not I-can-post-this-here funny.

cat animated GIF

My restraint at a caption is also proof to the Wife that I’m having moderate success at being an adult.  Initially I wanted to let the clip speak for itself but then I got a better idea…

Why not let my readers caption the clip!  In doing so I can giggle away without taking the responsibility of being the person who comes up with a furry, cat-chy line.

So come on people, it’s Friday, let your hair down and caption this…

16 thoughts on “Laugh with me #9

  1. Pieter mijn freund (ach, that sounds more like a Dutch German struggling.. I don’t know Afrikaans 😦 )
    But you are really asking for trouble, man.. a caption for that??? Come on… be prepared…

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      • Ok, forgive me for this pitiable, but palatable one..

        There was a girl from Nanking
        who believed strongly
        in Yang and Yin
        But Yin though otherwise
        and ended up Yan-quing
        the Yang(k) from Nanking

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      • Oh, you sadist… 😛
        Firstly, if it had been a man in the video, would you even be putting it up there? Nope. I think not.. (I am going green even as I imagine it now)..
        Secondly.. you are very crafty.. getting us to look like misogynists.. while you can rub your hands in glee… as women the world over flay us for our comments.. very cunning…

        I know the $64,000 cat-chy phrase you are looking for, but I won’t say it 😀 hahaha..

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      • Ok, then.. an excerpt from my upcoming novel:

        Pieter woke up ‘feline’ terrible. He stared at her, she was as pretentious as ever, into all the new-age stuff he hated so much. He wanted to lash out at her, but it would seem too catty. He shut his eyes and imagined he was on a desert-safari. He would prowl, he would hide, he would wait for the ship of the desert to come by and then he would pounce. But then, breaking into his reverie, there she was, the irritating being before him, muttering her weird mantras and even as he could still see the desert animal disappearing from his imagination, he swiped out in anger, wishing to destroy her “Shut up, you pretentious little ****…”

        ah ok, never mind.. that was really lame.. wish I had enough time to think it through…


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