The Note

I recently started to jot down fictional short stories (max 150 words) based on one word prompts as provided by Ad Hoc Fiction.  The site claims that if you’re really good at creating stories, it may even result in you winning some cash. I haven’t won anything yet. That should probably tell me something but I’m too stupid/stubborn/old to let failure stop me now. I should also quantify the word “recently” in the context of my opening sentence…This was my first post, prompted by the word NOTE.


“You’re not Aunt Jenny”, I said to the sad, old man who was standing in the doorway. He didn’t have an umbrella and was soaked right through. The rain was hiding the tears running across his cheeks. I told him Mommy was taking a nap before her second shift starts.

“Aunt Jenny takes care of me when Mommy works”. 

He didn’t reply, just handed me a crumbled piece of paper that I had to give to Mommy.  I tried to read the note but could only make out “Sorry” and “Dad”.

I was happy to see a smile when I touched Mommy’s face to wake her. She doesn’t smile often anymore. She took the note, read it, jumped from the bed and ran into the street. I couldn’t keep up but found Mommy sobbing on her knees. Just like the time when Cathy threw the ball in my face.


Tell me what you think, don’t be shy but don’t be too harsh.  I’m fragile as a result of attempting to be a Dad of two teens.


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