A Princess for all Seasons

Tomorrow is going to be tough. Much harder than I thought it would be.  It may even bring this grown man to tears.  I have to accept the inevitable, grow a pair and fight this urge to bawl uncontrollably.  If that doesn’t work I’ll need to find a Kleenex somewhere, just to wipe the tear-splatter and snot from the screen if the screen becomes to blurry and I can’t write anymore.

Because Princess is turning thirteen. OMG.


When you were younger Mom and I always joked about the fact that you were the kind of kid who had four seasons in a day. Waking up in a winter mood and then progress through spring, summer and autumn as the sun was travelling across the blue sky.  It was amazing to see how passionate you enjoyed life, squeezing every drop from it, soaking it up like a sponge.  You did everything with so much enthusiasm. Laugh, cry, play, work, love.  It’s inspirational.

Now that you are older your emotions have leveled out a bit, you’re not as erratic and unpredictable like you were a few years ago.  Gone is the Barbie dolls and little tea sets, the play dough and finger paint, replaced by headsets and a mobile phone.  It’s heartbreaking to see how quickly you are growing up.  I’m happy to see you still live life with a 150%. You still inspire, showing us how we should live life.  Grabbing it with vigor.  You are turning into an astonishingly beautiful young woman, inside and out, but you still make me think of all four seasons.  Albeit in a different way.

You are the cool of winter.  Born with an iron will, refusing to conform to what other people might expect of you, unwavering in your convictions.  It is rather refreshing. You know what you need to do and when you need to do it.  A little stubbornness never killed anyone.  Your compassion and imagination and love is like a never ending flowing stream of cool water.  Quenching our thirst in times of drought.

You are the beauty of autumn.  A beauty that shines from those stunning blue eyes, spreading into that amazing smile.  You have a sweet soul, born from a pure heart.  It’s awesome to see how courteous you are towards your friends and family, when it’s clear you only have one wish for them.  To see them happy.

You are the warmth of summer.  A warmth that spreads like fire to each person who knows you.  Your hugs and kisses melt my heart.  I sill stand in awe at your ability to think of the small things.  Odd little gestures that proves you care and make other people smile.  Your endearing nature is a precious and rare diamond.

You are the joy of spring. You laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Unabashed, from the pit of your stomach.  A roaring laugh that must be the most beautiful sound in the whole wide world.  You exist in the moment which is why you gasp loudly when the nerves get too much in a movie, or when you try and hitch a piggy-back ride when I pass your room.

Fortunately you got Mom's looks and Dad's brains.

Fortunately you got Mom’s looks and Dad’s brains.

Words cannot effectively describe how much we love you, how much we learn from you or how much better we are as human beings just having a daughter like you.  You are our blessing and we thank the Lord every day for giving us our Princess.

You are going to be one amazing woman.  (Pity you’re never going to be allowed to date!)  I just have one request, something I want you to remember for the rest of your life, something I want you to engrave on the walls of your heart and that is to

NEVER CHANGE WHO YOU ARE.  Simply because you are PERFECT already.

We love you.

9 thoughts on “A Princess for all Seasons

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    • Thank you Lynn. On her birthday she was lying in bed with me and the Wife and she read this post out loud. All three of us were fighting the tears. All three lost the fight…

      But yes, she is turning into an amazing young woman, one I’m very proud of.

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