Lost in translation

I think it’s safe to say that everyone probably knows about my thing on the side. The blogging affair.  Even the Wife knows as I couldn’t take the guilt and then revealed my dirty secret a few weeks ago, publicly.  I’m glad to report we’re in counselling; the blog and I.

On that blog I share a daily song that represent my mood in a way.  I say this because there are days when the only music representing my mood would be hard metal as screamed by Marilyn Manson. Those days when I battle the urge of smashing the face of some of the idiots I work with, especially a specific big, fat one. (Who’s an idiot as well.)  I normally succeed in finding my happy spot at some point during the day, then I post something nice like this song, My Hartjie performed by Karlien van Jaarsveld.

Sometimes my mood implies that I have to post a song that is in Afrikaans.  I do that because it’s my blog, I’m an adult and I can do what I want.  Afrikaans is my Mother tongue, not English, which should clear up a lot of questions immediately.  There are some real good songs in Afrikaans and due to the fact that only 10 million of the global population understand the ramblings that might resemble noises that is a combination of German, Dutch and a regurgitation hyena, I think it’s my duty to share some of the jewels with all of my nineteen followers of that blog.

Cheryl over at My Freeze Frames liked this specific song but she couldn’t understand a word she was hearing.  She made a wish in the comment section for a translation in English.  I’m not sure if she rubbed something but go ahead, you can call me Genie.  So this one is for Cheryl.

I promptly went into translation mode without any assistance from Google Translate.  I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere on the Internet and I’ve been to a few dark and lonely places during my search thereof.  Let’s just say there are some things a person cannot unsee.  In the end I had to listen to the same song about fifteen thousand times.  Men cannot multi-task, and this activity forced me to listen to the song and type the lyrics. At the same time.  I can proudly say that I have made the impossible, possible.  I can also confirm that I’m officially over that song.  At least for the time being.

Some bonus points to yours truly for picking a song where the singer is not the ugliest person in the world.  See, I like to care of the boys and the girls on that site. (That came out wrong, I meant to say men and women.)  By the way, please don’t judge the lyrics, at least not until you heard the song first. They probably do sound better in Afrikaans but would you really want to hurt my feelings?

Without further ado, my translation of “My Hartjie”

Proof that I'm better than Google

Proof that I’m better than Google

11 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. Thank you so much, Pieter! I appreciate the dark and lonely places you ended up while searching the lyrics for this song because I did the same thing. LOL! Unlike you, I’m not over the song because I haven’t played it fifteen thousand times yet. I was blaring it out of the speakers on my computer yesterday and my daughter poked her head around the door and said, “Is that German?”, assuming I was listening to something from my background, so it was interesting that you described Afrikaans as ” noises that is a combination of German, Dutch and a regurgitation hyena”. LOL! I read your blog here but your music blog is the one that’s brought back memories and introduced me to some new music I wouldn’t have otherwise found. Blog on, Pieter!

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    • Thank you Cheryl! I must admit some days, only some days, I prefer the simple task of selecting a song that resembles my day; to filling a blinking white screen with words.


  2. Thanks for the translation. I have listened to and enjoyed the song quite a bit, and wondered its meaning but it still stands on it’s own nonetheless. My company translates (MSDS’s – chemical safety procedures) into over 80 languages, but we haven’t ever done anything in Afrikaans.

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