My secret is out…

Let’s talk affairs…

I’m in a slump of sorts…It’s nothing serious, it is just that there is nothing exciting happening in my blogging life.  Not that I’m ungrateful for every new follower, off course I am.  Maybe my slumpy feeling is of my own doing. I should probably read more, comment more, be more attentive, share my emotions. But it’s really hard especially since WordPress stopped sending me e-mail notifications of new posts of the people I follow. What’s up with that? Now I have to go onto the reader… Aarghhhh.

I decided to spice it up a little. Bring in some much needed va-va-voom to the study or the office or any place where my laptop can go. It’s quite flexible you know.  I’m hoping you will forgive my little transgression.  I wanted to try something new and the temptation was too big to resist. WordPress was standing on the street corner and flaunted itself like J-Lo’s boobs at every red carpet event.

Keep your eye on the target, Hawkeye.

You should always keep your eye on the target, Hawkeye!

I am vulnerable and weak.  I jumped at the opportunity.  I’ve been cheating on you with another blog.  *Insert gasp*

I’ve managed to keep the whole thing under wraps for a while, but I made my 50th post today and the guilt was becoming too much to bear.  Like anything in life, secrets have a way of coming out.  The worst part of my blogging affair is that I’m liking it a bit more than I think I should.  This other blog is a place where I don’t have to fret about maintaining some kind of standard.  Not that I think the standard of writing is that great over here…But it’s a place where I can expand my world, do things a little differently and try different things.

As a grown man who received a blogging hall pass from the Wife I can do whatever I want to.  So without further ado, please let me introduce you to my little blog on the side… I’m proud of that one too, even if it’s considered the underachieving sibling of this one.  The name of my unfaithful posting habit is “A Song Diary“.

It reflects my love of music.  On that one you won’t find stories for and about my kids, for that would defeat the object of this one.  It is a place where I shenaniganise my mood with a song of the day.  A song that has a severe risk of becoming an earworm.  A song that relates to a specific moment in the life of this Dad.  It sums up my mood.  Or my vibe.  Or my jam.  Or my emotion.  Or my lack of emotion.  Or my je ne sais quoi.   It’s my own literary, musical Japanese garden with Zen and Yin and Yang and lyrics and melodies and shit.

The idea is to do this for one year, every day, excluding weekends, as I also enjoy doing nothing every now and again.

The content might be R-rated, it might be kid friendly. It might be funny.  It might not be. Funny.  Heck, it might even be inspirational. The only constant would be that it’s all me. All 180+ pounds of yours truly.

Don’t worry, I’m never going to neglect Ah Dad… How can I? It’s my favourite place in the world and I’m in it for life.  I’ll exist as a bigamistic blogger.  A happy blogger in a committed relationship with a thing on the side…

Besides, I don’t have anything better to do at work.

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