8 Cities, 11 Days (Prelude)

I was hoping to have more time and write a spectacular post as a preview to my next adventure.  Unfortunately time didn’t do me any favours.  And unlike Matthew in that awfully confusing movie, Interstellar, I don’t stay the same age as days go by.  I only have so much time allocated in the daily 8 hours of work, and sometimes, just sometimes, blogging needs to take a back seat.

I was extremely busy, putting together my itinerary for an unplanned trip.  Or in layman’s terms, I was putting together a ridiculous travel schedule, organising plane tickets that probably makes me the most hated human being in the eyes of my travel agent, planning awkward meeting dates and corresponding hotel bookings, with that inevitable car rental.

Then there is the obvious compulsory pleasure time I need to spend with the family to make sure they remember me before I get on the first plane.  Eleven days is a long time you know.  I did promise gifts, so I’m positive they are looking forward to my return.

I will be visiting 8 cities in 11 days, which basically means I’m going to be an airplane food connoisseur, whilst spending copious amounts of time waiting.  Waiting to check in.  Waiting to board. Waiting for my luggage.  Waiting for that second beverage serving on the longer flights…

Did I mention that all of these 8 cities are in the US of A?

As always, not to worry, I’ll keep everyone posted about the major ( and the not so major) events that will hit my life in the next two weeks.

(Heads up Cleveland Ohio, your weather sucks and I can see the Home of the Indians from my hotel window.)

20 thoughts on “8 Cities, 11 Days (Prelude)

  1. I can totally appreciate every bit of this! I hope you have a great time in each city – even though it seems like you’ll be there for just a little over 24 hours in each one. Safe travels friend!

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