A bad day

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’m contributing a post that has nothing to do with love.  Or pink hearts and fluffy, stuffed animals. Not even mentioning that half naked toddler flying around with a dangerous weapon.

This post is about a morning in our household, which was to put it mildly, a complete disaster.

My alarm went off an hour later than normal, which meant there was no time go to the gym. Ah shucks, I was so disappointed… I understand that worse things have happened to people.  Like dying.  And even though it feels like I’m dying when I’m busy training, actual death must be even less pleasant. It just seemed odd that my subconscious took control of my fingers in setting the alarm the previous night.

I stumbled down stairs to make coffee for isn’t that what Dads do?  (Please don’t tell me I’ve been suckered into this one!)  No one in our household can move without a doze of caffeine. I was about to wake Dude, when he dragged himself along the passage, looking like the grim reaper with a bad hair day. Upon enquiring for his reasons to have a somewhat angry demeanour, he barked something about a math test and an art class. He obviously hates both. Or maybe that is just how teenagers talk.

Princess appeared from her dungeon and was even less cheery than her brother. She had a track and field event and basically blamed me for providing the genes that gave her the ability to do sports. She was obviously not in the mood.  Then she went upstairs to fit her contact lenses, only to lose the right one. The wrong one was already in her left eye.  The two of us ended up crawling around on all fours, as if we were auditioning for a part in The Human Centipede.  The Human Centipede is a movie I’ve heard about but have no intention to watch. Being in sales, I am forced to eat the crap of a lot of customers, so I certainly didn’t need to see a movie about it as well.  I know now that we are not great at finding contact lenses.  New one please.

You may wonder where Mom was in all of the chaos?

Wife was emptying her cupboards to find something to wear that would make the tutu and wings she had on, a little less ridiculous. Part of being a Kindergarden teacher implies that on certain days, like Valentine’s, the teachers in her school dress up. I’m not going to speculate on the reasons why.  Today she was going as a fairy.  Truth be told, her fairy had a lot more disgust than fairy-dust in her bag of tricks.  She finally settled on a pair of pants and rushed down to get on with whatever Moms do in the morning.  In the process of preparing breakfast she found two rotten eggs, and like an apple, one rotten egg spoils the whole scramble.  She also managed to drop a fresh egg.  No, she didn’t drop HER egg for that would be a medical emergency, she dropped the one of the chicken.  Then she dropped a word that no fairy (or Mother) should ever be allowed to use.

Fortunately the day turned out a lot better. Dude passed his math, Princess came home with three medals and the Wife didn’t drop any more eggs. Or words.  Me, being so great at eating crap, got a very big order.

It doesn’t matter how your day begins, it’s how it ends, that makes the difference.  And if you tried and it still turned out to be the shittiest of shit days, remember the sun sets on them as well.  There is always another chance tomorrow.

In the mean time, Happy Valentine’s day.

8 thoughts on “A bad day

  1. A hillarious read!I can assosiate fully with this story….crawling around looking for contact lenses,even catching bathwater outside in the drain through a tea sieve,looking for my daughter’s lost lens!


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