Idealists rule!

“You’re an Idealist!” shouted the website after completion of the Keirsey Personality Type test.  It was a slow day at work.

I'm in good company.

I’m in hot good company.

I must admit, the test lost some credibility when it opted for three different cat expressions as an answer to one of the questions.  Can we not get rid of these damn cat pictures?  It’s like an Internet infestation!

Back to the topic at hand… Mind you, did I just lose half of my followers after that little outburst on felines?  I can’t help it, they’re such condescending animals.  They remind me of the girls in 7th grade.  So full of themselves, thinking they’re better than everyone else.  All high and mighty, ascending a throne from an even higher horse.  Pompous and self-righteous and bitchy.  And I’m still talking about the bitches cats.

“I don’t need to be pet, I’ll decide when you’re worthy of touching me.  Where’s my food, asshole?” I hate cats.

Ok, I’m being side-tracked enough.  It’s really difficult for someone who might have ADHD to stick to one topic.  (I also did a test for that last year.)  Another characteristic would be that we get bored easily with arbitrary things, like watching paint dry or work.

Stop it.  Focus…  I basically want to share the synopsis of the personality test I did with all of you…

Idealists are abstract and compassionate day dreamers, activists, writers, diplomats, counsellors and healers. They are the best sexual partner you will ever have and not even Christian Gray and all the toys in his Red Room has anything on them.  You’re like a magician in bed.  They have a remarkable sense of humour that will elevate your happy pheromone levels to unimaginable heights, in some cases even able to carry you through the trauma of menopause.  You’re a deeply emotional and abstract thinker with cooperative and communitarian goals.  And the only person who knows what was meant in the previous sentence.  A genuine nice guy that most people would kill to be around, and FYI, there has been reports of murders so take this shit seriously.  It’s the downfall of being so fucking amazing.  

You’re normally considered to be highly intelligent and most people will be envious of the great human being that you are.  You long for deep, meaningful relationships and you constantly contemplate how you can help the common good. You’re a saint of immeasurable proportion and your strong personal ethics and ideologies make Superman look like a villain.  You’re the best father any child could wish for and if your children don’t appreciate this fact yet, they will soon enough.  Suffice to say, your ability to communicate with children is deemed as the blue print of parenting.  You’re easy going until someone challenges your values, at which point you can be the fiercest of opponents. And you are physically threatening enough to beat the crap out of them.

At heart, you’re a natural leader with a great depth of empathy for everyone around you. You’re just such a flippen nice guy.  We actually wish we were you.  Fu..Screw the other personality types.  Idealists rule!

I’m amazed at some of these personality tests on the Internet.  How a few random questions can result in such an accurate description of a person, blows my mind.  I do need to mention and apologize for the unexpected use of the f-word.  It takes a brilliant writer to ignore the obvious gimmicks and search for more effective, meaningful adjectives than the ones that made their appearance in this piece.  Unfortunately I’m the person who wrote this synopsis is not a brilliant writer.

We all know that one shouldn’t believe EVERYTHING you read on the Internet.  Such is the case with this synopsis, where they got a few minor details wrong.  I’m certainly no Houdini in bed, as that would imply I disappear quickly which is obviously not the case.  And I don’t consider myself to be physically threatening to anyone, but do we really want to take a chance?  Do you feel lucky, punk?

I was hoping to give others an opportunity to complete the test and also receive a summary of their specific personality type, regrettably I lost the link.  I did end up with additional, life-changing spam.

The test said I’m great, not perfect.

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