My return to the land of fantastic plastic and all things fake and wonderful

No it is not the USA, albeit an accurate description for half of the West Coast, for as my calculations show, that geographical area constitutes 114.38% of the global cosmetic industry.

I’m actually referring to Dubai. *insert gasp*

Photo by Wei Siong Low.  Not me.

Photo by Wei Siong Low. Not me.

I’m back at work and my annual holiday is a mere glimmer that is fading at the speed of light into a little speck, slipping from memory.  A once magnificent beast that has died and is now rotting in a field, taunting people with a foul odour as they are passing by.

I’m once again living in the Adult Apocalypse, or like most people refer to it “WORK”.  The period in your life after being “Young and Free” when responsibility becomes the only reason to get up in the morning.  Unless off course you find other reasons, like drinking.  Or blogging.

Humans have to work.  It’s inevitable, like death and taxes.  (Which we pay in order to prevent people who doesn’t want to work from dying…)  The only other options we have is to (1) Marry rich (2) Become a homeless person (3) Become a reality star.  All of these choices require no dignity or any self-worth whatsoever.  Please note that should you choose #3 and fail to follow that choice with #1 (or have a butt the size of Kim Kilimanjaro Kardashian), then you’ll probably end up with a #2.

Getting back to me having to work.  An integral part of my excruciatingly difficult career would be the fact that I travel.  A lot.  To everywhere.   From Sydney to Senegal, from Nairobi to New York, from Paris to Papua New Guinea. India, Africa, Europe, South America.  Like I said, everywhere.  I have to visit new places, world wonders, foreign restaurants, old places, new strangers, strange people, glamorous hotels and then fit a few business meetings in between.  And I get paid to do it.  I know, I understand.  I feel sorry for me too…

With all of that being said and done, I really don’t like Dubai.  It remains a monument for human achievement, a testament to one person’s vision and proof that our imaginations knows no boundaries.  Anything is possible if you throw enough money at it. Dubai has everything.  Massive malls, exotic locations, sky-high skyscrapers, busy airports, bullet-fast trains, white beaches, non-congesting highways and spectacular hotels.  My problem is that I feel in Dubai’s desire to become a preferred global tourist destination, it has sacrificed its soul, that part that should have been grounded in the Gulf.

In attempting to lift my spirit for the visit, I’ve jotted a few things that makes Dubai worth while.

…Yes, I’m still thinking of something…

  • The service is great, best in the world hands down.
  • Burj Khalifa, it is the tallest building in the world.  (Maybe I’ll manage to get to the top this time.)
  • The Barasti Beach Bar, a great place to chill after work and catch a beer game or two.
  • Visit a Sook for dinner, it’s the most authentic places in the city.

And the best is that I get to experience all of this on my own, again…*insert un-smiley face*.

But things are about to change.  There has been rumours since 2009.  Some people have posted development photo’s.  It’s probably being completed some time this year.  And once they finish this amazing, fantastic and incredible concept, I’ll have more than one reason to return to Dubai.  A whole comic book full of them.  It’s just such a Marvel(ous) idea.

Told you…(Jeez, I’m such a geek!)

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