Too much pretty for one person

My latest earworm…

This woman is gorgeous.  Not even that flamboyant ass-tattoo can change her resemblance to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.  She has a smile that would make Darth Vader turn his back on the dark side.  Unless off course she’s hails from there.  I think she does, for she elicits A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E in everything she does.  She gives off a real don’t-mess-with-me-kind-of-vibe.  A parental guidance version of P!nk, who’s rated R.

But don’t worry I’m not infatuated with the lady.  I don’t have a poster of her up in my room, for the Wife doesn’t think it will fit well with our chosen décor style, which is obviously neither “Wet-dream-of-a-teenager” nor “My-husband-has-a-mid-life-crisis”.

Watching the first episode of X-Factor UK, Son disclaimed loudly,” Wow Dad, who’s that girl, she’s really hot.”  I got coerced into commenting but have been married long enough to know when best to keep your opinions to yourself.  Which is what I did.  I said nothing.

The Wife developed a frown as she was observing Dude.  Her little boy has woken up to the sensual power of some woman.  Son was sitting in awe, trying to get his jaw off the floor.  I, unbeknownst to me, developed a very wide, but sheepish-looking grin, as Cheryl was really rockin’ it.  I didn’t realise that the Wife turned her gaze to me for some support.  Wife didn’t expect her husband of eighteen years to have the same expression as the one she just observed on her 14-year-old son.  The chill factor of her glare, which I felt in the depths of my soul, wiped that idiotic grin right off my face.  I still looked like an idiot though, albeit a non-smiling one.  It is these situations that teaches men that an instantaneous reaction is still wayyyyy to slow.

Getting back to the song.  It’s cheeky and has attitude, which is why I like it.  We all feel like this sometimes, wanting to scream that we don’t care.  And we need to.  We need to do it more often, take ourselves a little less seriously and not be hyper-sensitive about what other people might think or say.  We should learn to shrug off the countless thoughts and opinions thrown around by people who took up residence on the negative side of life.  Grow some thicker skin and ignore the comments that are intended to break us down, conjured by others who cannot fathom one good thing to say.

You should get up and tell them that “I don’t care.”  And you should acknowledge how good it feels to be in a place where you can actually say that; but more importantly, where you find yourself in a position with enough confidence and support to actually MEAN IT.

By the way, when they show those scenes with her on the bed, dressed in the white men’s shirt, doesn’t she remind you of Susannah Hoffs back in the day?

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