What happens in New York…

Gets posted.

I’m obviously not a very good representation of my fellow countrymen, as the first person who tried to guess my nationality suggested I was German.  And I didn’t ask him, he volunteered his opinion.

He swiftly moved to the other side of the elevator once he heard the word “Africa” in my reply.  I didn’t fully appreciate his reaction until I saw the headline of the USA Today lying in front of my hotel room: “Ebola hits New York”. In capital letters, and it wasn’t me, I promise.

Took a stroll around Manhattan after my meeting and was once again overwhelmed by the sheer volume and height of the skyscrapers making up the concrete jungle.  I nearly keeled over as I was straining my neck to capture a few pics.  Rather unsuccessfully, I might add.  I was expecting Spiderman to swing by at any moment.  Or maybe a flash flood or alien invasion, as everything seems to happen in New York.

In the process of trying to navigate and avoid solemn-looking pedestrians, who’re all wearing headphones, I nearly bumped into a film crew on active duty.  The two actors in question was unknown to me as they were strolling down 5th Avenue having a scripted conversation.  I like movies and knew instinctively whatever  this one was, it wasn’t going to be great.  I’ve seen better acting from our French Poodle than I did on that street corner.  Razzie’s anyone?

Was happy to accidently end up at the famous Rockefeller Ice Rink, but was disappointed when I left without seeing anyone fall.   I know I am expecting too much.

As the sun hid behind a few buildings in the West, it was time for Naptimethoughts, her hubby and I to hit Gotham.  I still find it mind-blowing to think I actually met a fellow blogger and I’m still coming down from that high.  I think I might have sprained an ankle, as I was laughing so hard.  A big shout-out to an awesome lady who made my year.  I will be forever in your debt, unless you send me a bill and expect me to pay.   Then when I don’t, you sent someone to break my knee-caps.  I’m kidding, I know you won’t.  Hire someone.  You’ll just break them yourself.

Day one done and dusted. Time for day 2.

I had the best intention off ticking another item off my bucket list, a jog in Central Park.  Problem with this item is that it involved jogging.  I still went to the park and opted for a leisurely stroll between numerous periods of rest.  I found a tavern, which was like an oasis, and was even more pleased to find several people drinking wine and beer at 11’o clock in the morning.  Who am I to  judge?  I did the responsible thing.  I got my own beer.

I didn’t see one runner smile.  They all looked strained and sweaty, like they were doing exercise.  They certainly weren’t poster children for happiness. Contrary to the beer drinking people.  And I wanted to be happy, dammit.

The park remains inspiring. And serene.  And beautiful.  And big.  Like really, really  big.  Big in the way you only realise once you decide to head back to the city.  My eyes were deceitful and lied to my legs, who almost revolted when my brain finally got jurisdiction back and forced them to turn around.  As compensation for their effort, I stopped for another beer on the way back.  Don’t judge.

Then I walked to Time Square.  Wow.  I completely forgot how overwhelming this little place is.  It’s not my favourite spot in New York, but you have to admit there is something amazing about all those lights and bill-boards and naked ladies. Besides, it wasn’t only me, another 7 million people also thought it was a good idea.  Some of them even brought kids, which is just another word for little people who run fast and get lost easily.

My main motivation was to see the interactive Avengers exhibit.  I am proud to say that I am now an official Agent of SHIELD as I passed every single test they had on offer.  Albeit on third and fourth attempts.

I had great pizza in a sport’s bar whilst figuring out American Football.  Burnt my mouth in the process, which resulted in a little f-bomb.  The guys next to me thought I was a Michigan supporter as my reaction to the frigging hot pizza slice, coincided with a touchdown from the opposing side, Michigan State.  I played along, only to realise that I was misdirecting my cheers.  I should have supported the Green team.  Needless to say, I finished my meal and left when they stopped talking to me.

I didn’t laugh enough on Friday night, so returned to the comedy-club scene, this time in Greenwich Village.  I binged laugh as I attended two shows.  One in The Comedy Cellar and the other in Greenwich Comedy Club.  The first show was pee-in-your-pants funny.  I couldn’t contain myself and was having a great time, to the point where the other people might have thought I was high.  I don’t care.  I was expecting them to ask me for my stash, my drug, my poison… And it was life. I was high on life.

*Sigh* I went to bed with a smile as big and wide as Central Park, filled with enough memories to share a different one with every person who was attempting to walk in Time Square.

Next up, Orlando.

23 thoughts on “What happens in New York…

  1. You’re so cute! Like a little boy lost in a treat-shop! 😉 Wouldn’t it be so funny, if you’re watching a movie and the scene is in New York and you suddenly see yourself pass-by, not knowing that you’ve become an extra in a movie 😉 … I’ve been to New York only once and in my 20s. Like you I was overwhelmed and ventured out on my own once and accidentally bumped into a lovely-looking woman dressed in a suit. Let’s just say I didn’t think she was too lovely after she barked at me 😉 Would love to go back though!


    • I must admit, I did feel like a kid in a candy store.

      It would be hilarious to stumble on a re-run cable channel and see myself. For that scene is going directly to video, if it doesn’t end up on the editing floor.

      Thanks for stopping by. And that lady in the suit, I think I saw her…and she’s still a b!tch.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey– Glad you made it to the Village, and I’m glad you got to see some exceptionally funny comedy. The Village is the best part of town. I always called anything above 26th street “the grown up part of town”.


  3. Great to hear you arrived safely & are enjoying the sights of the city! I have only visited once but have to say, the Village was my favourite! If I were to return in the future, it would be an area I would love to explore further.


    • Yes, now that I’ve left the city and attending the conference, it feels a little bit more like work…

      The Village is awesome and in my humble opinion, more authentic than the time Square crowd.


  4. Glad you had a good time. Slightly envious of you getting to meet one of my favourite bloggers, but I’m doubly determined to go now. Isn’t blogging amazing, allowing us to make friends like this?


    • The pizza was good. But hot.

      and about the green team, I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t like being ostracized out of ignorance.

      What am I saying, I don’t like being ostracized, period.


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