An angel went home on Sunday

We will miss you, forever.

We will miss you, forever.

Her softness couldn’t be contained through those crystal blue eyes.  Windows to a soul overflowing with love and compassion.  Those endearing eyes and her warm laugh will remain in our hearts forever.

The tears we have are born from sadness and sorrow for the gap you left behind can never be filled.  But it’s also tears of understanding, a symbol of relief.  He finally called you, and you were ready to go.  We knew you wanted to but it doesn’t make the loss any less.

I still see the little cottage with you standing at the gate waiting for us with a million sounds we will never hear again.  The concern in your voice as you demand that we eat something.  The clinging of  the glass jar on the dining room table as you smuggled sweets into the hands of our kids.  Or your wondrous giggle when we did something crazy or unexpected.  The sounds of your love.

Your inability to say anything bad about others was astonishing.  Your compassion for the little ones, endearing.  The sadness in your eyes every time we had to return home, agonising.  And your unrelenting faith, inspiring.

(Thank you for always making me feel like one of your own…)

How can we forget the soft hands as you placed them together every night when you talked to God on your knees.  Or the warm embrace during every visit.  That first phone call at the crack of dawn on our birthdays.  And your quiet smile as you watched your family talk and laugh and eat and mingle.

I’m not sure when our tears will stop flowing or when the hurt becomes bearable.  But it brings me joy to know that your pain is gone forever and your tears have finally dried up.

Dearest Gran, we will miss you forever.  Especially those immaculate eyes that said so many things without uttering a single word.

The eyes of an Angel that finally went home on Sunday.

24 thoughts on “An angel went home on Sunday

  1. Oh, Pieter, what a gift you were given in here from the sounds of it. I know she will be sorely missed by your family and probably so many others. You have written a wonderful tribute to her and I’m sure she’d be so joyous to know how well she was thought of and loved. Peace to you and your family right now.


  2. So jammer vir jul verlies Pieter. Dis duidelik Ouma was n pragtige mens en ek is seker sy weet hoe lief julle almal haar het. Ons bid vir julle sterkte en vrede toe in die moeilike dae wat voorle.


    • Hi ma, this is the greatest comment of them all. To have you consider this little tribute to your Mother beautiful, makes my millennium! Love ya’ll.

      Lifi still can’t get herself to read it…but she will…


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