Happy Left-handers day!


Amongst all the death and disease I faced this week, I missed a biggie!!

I’m sorry, and I have to apologize to all the south-paws out there.  I did not represent.  I’m ashamed.  I know, what does it say about my ability to stand up for minorities?  I left you without a voice.  My little podium was empty as the small crowd eagerly waited in anticipation.  I never pitched.  They all left.

This is why I need to post again, as 13 August almost left us this year.  And by posting twice in one day, I’m probably setting some kind of blogging record in a third-dimensional Olympic games.


For those who prefer to exist without consulting calenders, this post serve a dual purpose, for now you also know that the date is, the aforementioned, 13 August.  It is extremely relevant, although some people might not place it on the same level as Christmas or Easter, but it remains important as it is the one day a year that is earmarked as International Left-handedness or Left handers or Left handedinism or Left-handedosophy Day.  (I’m unsure about the right title.)

It is a day where we celebrate the reality of people who can do everything right-handed people do, except they do it with the other hand.

I’ve also decided to post my first selfie, even though I realized that the camera was facing the wrong way.  So here’s my left hand celebrating his uniqueness with a glass of wine. Or what’s left of it.

To all the friends and followers I have left.

To all the friends and followers I have left, Cheers!

May we laugh until our asses fall off.

19 thoughts on “Happy Left-handers day!

  1. What about those born left handed and trained to be right handed?! I am now so thankful my father tied my left arm to my back when I was a toddler. Sounds brutal, but trust me, all surgical instruments are made for right handed surgeons, it has made my life so much easier being right handed as an adult. But now and then, I still find myself picking up things with that sneaky left hand….


  2. I’m a mix myself: left-handed for sports, right for writing. I don’t recall being forced to switch, and in some areas am rather ambidextrous, as with racket sports – EXCEPT serving, fully lefty there. Isn’t life interesting?


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