“Ugly heart” is such a pretty song

On this fun Friday I’m sharing my latest earworm.  I think everyone would agree that Fridays makes life worth living.  I just wished they would come around more often, like twice a week or something.

This earworm is one of those songs where you need to crank up the volume.  My family loves it and we always end up singing it together, maybe a tad too loud, which is why I close the windows.  As we’re driving along, our heads will be bopping to the beat like one of those tigers or hoola-girls some people have on their dashboards.  Other drivers probably consider the four of us to be a little cuckoo as they see us cruising along the highway, but what they do not know, is that we’re actually more than just a little.

Besides what’s not to like?  Everything is pretty about this song, which I first discovered on Deezer.

The message inspire with lyrics that’s relevant, the melody is catchy and the concept behind the video is really good.  They are certainly no Michael Jackson when it comes to their dancing ability, but they are certainly worth watching.  Let’s just say they’re all covergirl pretty, stamped with a beauty mark.  (Which  is obviously the last thing I noticed about the band…)

I’m all for depth and meaning and inspiration…

Enjoy the video and here’s hoping that ya’ll will have a pretty heart today.

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