A play about a play

Dude got a role in his high school play.  If only things were as simple as that opening sentence…

I would like to thank  www.ethos3.com  for providing me with a stage.

I would like to thank
for providing me with a stage.

The group is currently rehearsing the play, which is about a play being rehearsed.

Dude didn’t land the lead role, that belongs to the director.  The director wanted an older kid to play the director, in order to make it more believable.  The boy who got the part as the director, now receives direction from the director.  Along with all the other actors who play actors in the play.

Dude is playing the lead role of the play that is being rehearsed, in the play.  His character is an actor who battles with direction from the actor who plays the director.  This implies that his character is a bit of an ass.  Dude claims that the director is very happy with his performance as an actor who’s an ass and battles with direction.

The playwright, who is the lead actress, is complaining about the director (who is the lead actor) and the lead actor (who is not the lead actor, but Dude) who’s ignoring her script and thereby destroying her hard work.  This is according to the script as written by a brilliant playwright.

Dude also complains about his costume not being as perfect as that of the lead actress, which amplifies his assy role. Just to note that the lead actress is not the real lead actress, as that belongs to the playwright.

The most exciting thing for Dude, about playing the lead actor, is that he gets to kiss the lead actress.  This is not the playwright, it’s his wife. Not that Dude is married; it is just the character as played by the lead actress, who, all together now, is not the lead actress.

Confused anyone?

I can’t wait to see it, for it sounds like chaos, which inherently implies comedy.  I know it’s funny, as I read the script.  And by that I don’t mean the script where Dude is the lead actor, for that script does not appear in the script of the play that they are rehearsing now.

I’m suddenly exhausted, as it happens when a person engage in too much strenuous brain activity.

25 thoughts on “A play about a play

  1. I played the lead in my own high school musical. Fun times, and I got to kiss a hot Dude. Ah, a million years ago. Enjoy it- and make sure someone records it for posterity, and to show to his future girlfriends.


  2. Ah, the recursive narcissism of author inserts and directorial self reference in amateur theater. I enjoyed my time in student drama, but man is it petri dish of failed ambition, self absorption, and megalomania. Fun, though.


    • I also took a dip into the pool that is high school theatre. I once had to play a casanova. Two things are important as subtext to the point I just made. (1) It wasn’t the lead role either and (2) It had nothing to do with my looks.


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