The Monster

It took a while.  The possibility of it actually happening has always lurked in the back of my mind.  Now that it has, the reality is much wore than I ever imagined.  It is simply awful.  It’s no fun sitting in a dark cell, listening to all the voices outside the small window, whilst Agony and Frustration are standing guard at the door.

The Monster has been pursuing me for 16 months.  There has been a few close calls, but I always managed to stay a step ahead.  Eventually but unsurprisingly, he caught me.  Rumour has it that he catches everyone, at some point, and then depending on how he feels, releases you again after some time.

I shiver every time I think of his icy, twig fingers grabbing my waist.  I remember trying to wriggle out of his grasp, but his freakishly long, free arm got hold of my throat, almost stealing my last breath.  I fought as hard as I could, but his cloak enveloped me, forcing me to look into his eyes.  His blank, hypnotic stare.

A chilling reality of nothingness.  A vacuum that sucks you in, haunts you, laughs at you.  I tried to look away, close my eyes, but it was impossible.  I just saw nothing.  I was desperate with desire to colour the emptiness with letters, sentences, paragraphs, stories.  If I could just conjure an opening sentence…Or even an idea.  Nothing.

You see, the Monster doesn’t allow you.  The Monster has the ability to block your mind.  He takes your imagination hostage, throwing it into an abyss.  A vulture picking at the scraps of meat until there’s nothing left but bones.  Dead, silent bones, drying in the torturous harshness of the sun.

Then he dumps you in the darkness.  And you wait.  And you try not to drown in a pool of self pity.

That’s when you understand why writers fear that awful moment when they don’t have anything to write about.  When the Monster, that is Writer’s block, catches you.  And it really sucks.

But I have a plan, and if I say so myself, it is a brilliant one!

I’ll expose the Monster for what he is, then he’ll have to let me go. I’ll fill the void with the Monster’s story, then at least the screen wouldn’t be white anymore…

10 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. The monster has stolen the LIKE button. Shoot the bastard. I’ve never met him myself in the last 60 years or so, and regard him as something like a tooth fairy. However, if he is out there… as I say… shoot the bastard.


  2. Pieter, this is yet another excellent piece of writing from you….I think I’m starting to get spoiled! I love how you turned the tables on the monster and I’m glad to hear you banished him!


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