In the wrong place.

Got nothing.

Got nothing.

It sucks.

No, it’s worse than sucks.  I’m caught in a miserable twister where the winds of hopelessness is unrelenting.  Swirling me around and around and around and…

Feeling alone is one thing, but feeling isolated when there’s things around you, that is a whole different level of crap.

Not belonging to a group.  Stuck out of place.  A round peg in a square hole. Being odd.  Different. Ignored.

I know everything has a purpose.  I’m not ignorant of mine.  I’m worthy of existence, dammit.  Look at me! Screw you all!  I belong somewhere, I don’t deserve squatting in this cold, dark, dreadful place.  I need to shine.  My uniqueness is not a disease.  I’m more than worthy.  More than worthy of my place in the sun, basking in its warmth.  I want to scream! I want to feel appreciated.  Alive!

But now I’m here.  It’s not my fault, I tell ya.  It’s not my fault I was placed here.  It’s not my fault I was made this way.  I have to accept it, there’s nothing I can do.  My despicable situation is my reality.  It might be a temporary one, and I’m praying for quick relief.

How long will I be able to hold on?  How long before I let it go?  How long before I quiver, fade away, disappear?  How long will they remember, before they forget?

Anyhow, don’t mind me…

I just find it difficult when they place me, A FORK, in the wrong tray amongst all these disgusting spoons.  Ughhh!  It is a real fork and disgrace.


16 thoughts on “In the wrong place.

  1. Eff you spoons! Don’t worry little guy, think of it this way. If you stay with the other forks, you will be just another fork in the tray. But if you stay with the spoons, you will be the only fork among them. 😉


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