Son turned 14.

It's obvious that he's handsome as he takes after his Dad.

Off course is he handsome… He takes after his Dad.

The commemorative celebration of Son’s birth, 14 years ago was yesterday, implying we made it through year one as parents of a teenager.  And more importantly we lived to tell the tale.  It’s obvious that I’ve learned a lot of things during the past year.

Life changing things like a “comb-over” is not only a hairstyle for balding middle aged men.  Stupid music are still being made and sold widely.  The expression of “let’s grab a quick bite to eat”, leads to an inevitable change of clothes.  And words like boobs, nuts, zombies, I’m hungry, rugby, mates and girls are turning into the full extent of a vocabulary.  I’m exaggerating off course, I should also include the shitload of acronyms they’re using for typing.  LOL.

Not forgetting that passing wind in your general direction is hilarious. Seeing a blue VW beetle without calling it, will get you an unexpected blow to the bicep. And “Piss off” is consider crude, but acceptable swearing during a rugby match.

Not to mention the awkward odours that arise from a bunch of fourteen year olds that has spend three hours playing video games in closed quarters.  Your nose will never forgive you for exposing him to the mixture of cheese snacks, sweat, farts, worn tennis shoes and other unimaginable things.

But, all in all, it was an amazing year.  To quote Son: “It was the best birthday ever.”  And here’s the secret to our success.

  1. Parties are overrated.  Cash is not.
  2. Grandparents are most welcome.  As long as they bring cash.
  3. Gift = technology.
  4. Happy days = food. In our case chicken.  And lot’s of it.
  5. Did I mention cash?

Teenagers are just like normal people, so all they need is love.  And attention.  And a great gift.  And family.  And friends. And food. And cash.

See, it’s that easy.  Just give them what they want.  Then there’s no confrontation.

I still remember a few years back when Son had another awesome birthday.  I think he turned 10.  We got him his first gaming console.  Nowadays we refer to it as the day we lost Son to Sony.

Anyhow, cheers to another year, Dude.  We loved the fact that we still feature predominantly in your consideration of a perfect birthday.  We hope to retain our listing at the top for a couple of years to come.  Yes, we are prepared to provide cash in order to maintain our spot.  We’re shallow like that.

Never forget that we made you, which gives us certain rights to your love and affection.  Besides we really, really, really, really like you.

More importantly, know that we can’t be more proud of the man you are turning into.


8 thoughts on “Son turned 14.

    • I think he did. Even agreed to the compulsory hugs from both parents. In front of his friends! In exchange for gifts.

      He did utter the infamous “Ah Dad…” quote, which was quite special.


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