June Chat with a Dad: Ah Dad

Wow. An interview. About me. And my blog. And my kids. And my attempts at raising them. (Thankfully I share this responsibility with an amazing woman.)
Thanks Dean, your request remains one of the biggest compliments I received this year. The other major compliment was the couple whom I met in Tanzania, who thought I was 32…

Little Steps

I’m pleased to share June’s Chat with a Dad with you folks.  Here is a man who writes with his heart, especially when talking about his lovely family.   A man who also is funny as well as heart-warming.  There are many men who happen to be dads who blog out there, but not all of them I find as moving as his.

This one is aptly called  Ah Dad …

Tell us something about yourself and your little one(s).

I blog. And I’m a Dad. And most of the time I try to make the latter my priority.

Ok, seriously. I blog because I’m a Dad. A father to two of the most amazing creatures alive. I know every Dad says that, but if you know them you’ll most definitely agree. I find myself often wondering what the hell I did in a previous life to deserve…

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