What to do when your mother-in-law starts following your blog.

It happens daily.  E-mail notifications trickling in of more and more people who’s following this blog.  Please, I’m not bragging, as I’m still dumbfounded at any person who decides to click and follow this space in the blogosphere.

We need to thank the gods of blogging (aka WordPress editors) for not sending us e-mail notifications of the ones who unfollow said blog. That would definitely put a huge damper on my creative vibe.  A giant taking a dump on my house.

It’s kind of weird when you recognize an e-mail address of a new follower.  And this one stood out like the aforementioned giant preparing to take the aforementioned dump. The e-mail in question belongs to my mother-in-law….

I let that sink in… Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Can I continue?

Technically the e-mail belongs to both of them, but my other dad is not what I would call, the next Bill Gates.  He doesn’t have a Facebook account and they go online together.  Like it’s an expedition, or an adventure.  Discovering courageously, some safe path between the binary codes, forest of selfies, flocks of computer viruses and a million other cyber threats scattered throughout the jungles of modern technology.

Nevertheless, my two parents by marriage, are the kindest, friendliest, most loving creatures this side of the equator.  My kids don’t understand what real grandparents are, as they have the Fairy godmother and Super Granddad as their reference.

(Remember she’s now getting each of my posts, so there’s nothing wrong with scoring a few browning points, is there?)

Point is, once you know that the in-laws are watching, it does make you consider, ever-so-slightly, what you’re gonna publish and what not.  (Or more importantly what have you published and what not. *insert fleeting moment of panic*) I’ve scrolled.  I’ve scanned.  I think I’m safe.  It is not because I’m scared, it’s just that they are the Grandparents of my children, which by default makes them more important in the eyes of my kids, than me.  I just feed my kids, as far as they’re concerned.

The other factor to consider in filtering content about the in-laws, is that they did a pretty damn good job raising my wife, which, as we all know, is awesome.

Here’s some of the tweaks in my blogging process:

First off no more f-bombs.  Fortunately I already covered that subject, when Son pointed out my expressive use of adjectives and verbs and exclamation remarks in certain situations.  To drop an f-bomb in general conversation is one thing, but to write it down, re-read the post umpteen times, and then still decide to leave it in the context of the story, well that takes some balls.  And I have balls.  I’m no saint.

Secondly, no negative comments about in-laws. Must admit I’ve never had them.  I consider them to be like my own parents and between the four of them, I look for guidance and wisdom and money and free babysitting. (Brown noising is such a fine art.)

Thirdly, no more mother-in-law jokes.  Like this one…

mother in law

or this one… mother in law2

Fourthly, any posts on how much you enjoy drinking wine, in the presence or execution of parenting, is strongly ill-advised.  Unless you invite them over and keep their glasses filled with their choice of poison and in so doing, make them part of the fun.

And finally, which is not so much a thing NOT to do, but more an appreciative aspect of having your mother -in-law following your blog, is having a very unique platform to tell my parents, blood related and otherwise, how much I love and appreciate them.

In the end, everyone rubs off on everyone else.

Love ya’ll.


20 thoughts on “What to do when your mother-in-law starts following your blog.

  1. O M G ! ! I love your posts, you know that, but that joke up there about clearing out the closet…..I actually did the not-so-graceful splaying-of-drink-in-mouth-all-over-computer-screen when I read that. OMG…how perfectly appropriate for my own MIL who, unfortunately, isn’t anywhere near yours…….You are lucky guy!


  2. That’s what I felt when the father of my daughter’s best friend suddenly followed my blog. I knew that he knew about it and I’ve asked permission about posting photos of his son and he kinda likes it anyway. But the thing is, I feel I can’t be “honest” about certain things anymore… like the time his son purposely tripped my daughter all because he didn’t want her to play with him and the other “bigger” kids. Oh well.


    • It was a huge compliment for that they want to read my stuff, as my wife would print a few here and there, so it’s all good.

      I think it’s important to remain free in what you want to write, irrespective of who might be reading it. It might take a little bit more contemplating before publishing, but in the end one will get use to the idea.

      I hope.


  3. You’ve set a satin stage, alright. Enjoyhaving inlaw visits. Mine thinks I am better than their son, so, I am all for the inlaw clan.


  4. Agreed on how thank god we don t get notified when people unfollow us haha!!! Love the jokes and dreading when my in laws ever follow my blog. I have slightly trickier relationships with them 🙂


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