A Mix-tape for Mhysa

(Not sure who got the Game of Thrones reference.  It means Mother…)

My wife had a boyfriend before we met.  Probably a perfect example of a human’s posterior.  And here’s proof.  He made her a mix tape for she loooved Roxette, and especially the one song Dangerous.  Kudos that he knew that, but instead of buying her the album, he made her a mix tape with that one song over and over and over.  See, I told you he was a real ass.  And that’s why she dumped him.  (Technically,  he moved out of town, but I like to think she dumped him.)  And then she met me.  And she’s never been happier.  (Again, something I like to tell myself.)

“What’s a mix tape?”  I hear all the under twenty-something’s screaming from the crowd.

In the days before CD’s or I-pod, yes,  when dinosaurs roamed the earth, you had two choices of listening to music.  Three if you count a radio station.  The one was an LP, which is like a big black plate that rotates with a needle.  Like a CD, only bigger.  No not a Frisbee.

Or you could  use a tape, which is a little plastic rectangle with black ribbon rolled up inside.  The ribbon keeps the music, until it decides that it had enough and try and escape from the plastic compartment and you can never fix it again.  Not even with superglue of duct tape.

A mix-tape happens when someone chooses a specific range of songs ie his music selection, and copy them from various sources, in a specific order, onto the tape.  And it was legal.  But seeing that the Walkman’s had no repeat button in the ol’e days, some idiots decide to re-tape the same song over and over and over…

I’m done explaining, here’s a picture…

I decided as a token of my love and appreciation to my wife, who is also the mother of my children (convenient hey?) that I would make her my own mix tape. And if you like it; and you are also a mother,  you may tell other people I made it for you too.  Happy Mother’s Day!

The Story of My life begins and ends with you.  You are The one and only, The only girl in the world for me, My first love.  And I can’t get you out of my head and that is a Good feeling.

Every little thing she does is magicA true Angel sent from HeavenThe wind beneath my wings.   I dreamed a dream that Someone like you might find me.  You’ve seen my True Colours, and still feel that You belong with me.  I know I never want to be Alone again.

You posses The Greatest Love of All, something so Beautiful, it’s feels like it’s only Just a dream.  The kind of love that can Hold on but also Let it go. A love that is Unconditionally.  A love that has All the right movesWith arms wide open, you make our kids feel like they’re Walking on the Milky way or Walking on sunshine.  It’s a  love that makes our house a Home.  A love that is all Sacrifice.  A love that’s Brave.  A love that is Unbelievable, but makes you Believe.  A love that leaves you Breathless.  A love that forgives the Little Lies.  One that makes us Dance Again after a Bad Day or makes us Whole Again on any Manic Monday. A Perfect love.

Thank you for making the three of us so much Better. And Who knew,when most considered it Impossible and even Dangerous

And that is the Power of Love, the unique love of a Mama and let’s just be honest, Nothing compares to u. Is it any wonder that you are our Hero?

My love, I want you to Read all about it, but From the Bottom of my Heart, when Words don’t come easy, know this: I will always love you.

‘Till the world ends, our own Never-ending Story.


(PS – Bonus points for the awesome Brave video!)



11 thoughts on “A Mix-tape for Mhysa

  1. I hope your wife has something decent to play the tape on. When I was a kid, at parties it was my task to keep winding the gramophone.


    • Well, the only things she needs for this mix-tape is an Internet connection that is quick enough not to buffer on YouTube video’s.

      Funny thing is, I’ll have to show her how it works…


  2. Awwww…that’s so cute.
    Mine said that to me through a verrrry expensive smart phone. Not quite “awwww”, but works for me.


  3. Very thoughtful. I’m sure she will appreciate the effort. But I have to ask: where is “More than a Woman”? Every good wife and mother deserves a little Bee Gees in her life. It might even be a law or something.


  4. Mix-tape! Reminds me of Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. Love mix-tapes, find them really romantic 🙂 I’m sure your wife will appreciate your version of it! 😉


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