The Sounds of Winter

It was a rowdy crowd that descendant from the hill.  They came charging down, screaming with icy voices.  All the usual suspects, the culprits attending the Feast of Winter.  One could see Chilly evenings, Freezing Nights, Ice and Frost, An Orange, Warm Clothes, The Cozy Fireplace, Hot Chocolate and Some Cuddling as well.  But right up front, carrying the banner, was Mr Hope-it’s-not-bird Flue and Miss Common Cold.

If the wife was a duck, this would have been her selfie...

If the wife was a duck, this would have been her selfie…

And they were not welcome.

The two of them are identical twins ’cause I can never distinguish who is who.  The one claims to be a viral infection whilst the other…I’m gonna stop speculating.

One of the two dropped in over the weekend and embraced my wife with a bearish hug and a french kiss.  The result, a wife that’s a bit under the weather.  It’s probably more accurate to say she’s as sick as a dog, but that seems a bit discriminatory towards canines.

The wife possess the Sounds of Winter.

Her nose is running like an athlete training for an ultra-marathon, thus implying heaps of used tissue paper that would create sleepless nights to any environmentally conscious person.  Her general conversations are being interjected with coughing fits, so severe, that the use of words has become obsolete.  We now use sign language.    And her breathing has morphed into a villainous wheezing that would make Darth Vader green with envy.

And then there’s all the aches and pains that comes with being kicked in the sinuses by a horse.  Shame.

Alas, the wife doesn’t believe that visiting the doctor would do her any good, so she is medicating herself as we speak.  No, I don’t think it’s successful, to be honest.  But what do I know, I’m just the husband.  She also refuses to stay in bed, defending her decision with words like responsibility and work and some other stuff I don’t understand.  Here’s why.

The empathy of the entire family was perfectly summed up by Princess last night when she said:

“Dad, please tell Mom to stay home tomorrow, for it would be better for her to die at home than dying in front of a class full of seven-year-old kids.”

That was her exact words and yes, I’m still laughing.

13 thoughts on “The Sounds of Winter

  1. Don’t forget you said in the previous post that you wanted to cuddle up on the couch with the wife… What’s holding you back now? Oh! Yes! that reminds me. Tomorrow I’m off to get my flu injection. Fantastically lovely posting as always.


    • That was Princess’s concern. She already saw a class full of grade 1’s going through all the stages of panic and grief when their teacher falls dead in front of them.

      It still remains a funny concept, especially ’cause my daughter was sincere in her comment.


    • No my dearest friend. It’s cooling down. And we’re chilling down here in the South.

      By the way, the wife is better, right in time for Mother’s Day. I guess I should return the recipe book for chicken soup and scarf we got her as gifts.


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