Why Parents Should Not Text :)

I rarely re-blog, but this is just way to HILARIOUS not to pass on.
Having techno-savvy kids and a teacher-Wife whom is sorta, how can I put it nicely, technologically-disabled, this one hits home in a BIG way. I was laughing at every single one. But maybe it’s just me! Enjoy.


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7 thoughts on “Why Parents Should Not Text :)

  1. Hahaha, that is hilarious. I bought my mum an ipad with a sim card last year for Christmas when she visited me and showed her how to use the apps. Anyway, when I dropped her off at the airport, I told her that she must switch it off for take off and landing. An hour into her flight, my ipad went off, it was a request from her for facetime. She was so proud that she figured out how to facetime me all on her own. I had to explain to her that she shouldn’t be using facetime during the flight and to switch to flight mode. She is a bit deaf, so all my talking and her yelling into the ipad must have caught the attention of the flight attendant, and I had to apologise for my mother to the attendant when she came onto the facetime screen…. Oh God, it was embarrasing.


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