This is hilarious. True pee-in-your-pants laughing funny.  Do NOT drink any liquids prior to watching the clip.  You will only end up spraying it over your keyboard and other electronic devices.  I warned you.   So go ahead.  Watch. I’ll wait…

I told you didn’t I?

And who knew? Who knew Dr. Carrie Torrez could sing? We all know she has a big mouth and a lovely smile, but sing? Like this?

Ironically it was this performance who got her on the map.  She won a Tony for it. What’s a Tony?  It’s those little awards they give to people who act in theatre.  Sometimes on Broadway. What’s a theatre? It is a venue with a stage, heavy red curtains, a sunken band stand and rows and rows of seats. Mostly comfortable.  No it’s not like a movie house.  In theatre there’s real life people, singing or dancing or acting on stage.  So there’s no cuts and take 2’s.  It’s all done in one go. Live.  Yes, it’s like a movie reality show.

Anyhow, she won the Tony for playing Lady of the Lake in Monty Python’s Spamalot.  Which also clears up the reason why you were laughing your ass off watching the clip.

After this hilarity, ABC (the network) offered her a role in any of their signature shows and she picked Grey’s Anatomy ’cause she was a fan of the show at the time.  Since then she has become a series regular and then in episode 18 of season 7 she did that other thing.  She sang on the musical episode.  But we all know that Story.  Yes, I’ll wait.  Go ahead, listen.

Welcome back.  Let’s all agree that she sang the shits out of that song, and introduced a whole new generation of people to an artist known as Brandi Carlisle.

It has to be said, that I worked my way backwards, for it was the song on Grey’s that made me Google Sara Ramirez.  The woman who portrays Dr Torrez.  No, she’s not a real doctor.  Actually none of them are. *shattered dreams*.  But finding this treasure on YouTube was worth every dragging scene I had to sit through watching her trying to reconcile with her lesbian wife.  The one whose leg she cut off.  And by the way, thank you Grey’s for all the awkward conversations I’m having to have with Son.

I did the responsible thing by warning you about the hilarious, drop down funny elements of the first clip.  But I’m sneaky, for I neglected to elude to the fact that “The song that goes like this” (you’re singing that sentence already, aren’t you?) WILL become an earworm.  A massive one.  Big ones like these should be called earpythons, in my humble opinion.  It’s going to go on repeat for the duration of the day, giving the term ‘broken record’ a totally different meaning.  And you’ll not only try and imitate their powerful voices in the shower, you will try an mimic their mannerisms as well.

Due to my own moderate guilt of not warning you, I’m also attaching a clip of another song she sang in that show.  This time I stand back and wash my hands in innocence.  But note that all the things I said in the post that goes like this about the song that goes like this, is also true for this song.  It might even be funnier… So you’ll be blown away.  For the third time.

And I’ve just replaced your old earworm with a new one.


The Post that goes like this

5 thoughts on “The Post that goes like this

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  2. Haha love this– I saw Spamalot on Broadway several years ago and remember cracking up at this song because every bit of it is so true. I always quote the key change bit.

    I had no clue that Callie Torrez was the first though, what! I need to catch up on the last season or so of that show… I haven’t seen anything since the plane crash…


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