Show me the funny, fool!

I laugh easily.  I crack up like it’s nobody’s business.  Exposing my insides like a slasher-movie-victim.  I have laughed my ass off so many times, it remains a wonder that I actually have something to sit on.

I know I am any stand-up comedian’s wet dream; for you have to be REALLY AWFUL not to get at least a sniggle out of me. I’m the insane, weird guy on the plane who snorts his drink, hysterically laughing away, whilst watching Titanic.

I love to laugh and as a result, consider comedians/comic writers and other funny people as the geniuses of our modern society.  I’ve known for a long time that when I grow up I would like to be funny too.

I’ve been exposed to numerous sources of funny on this website, but every now and again my fingers drift and I end up finding new treasures.  My latest find would make Indiana Jones jealous. A fountain of youth.  And immense laughter.  And yes, I understand that I’m probably the guy who arrives at the after party three weeks too late.  Everyone has left already, forgot about their hangovers, the tables have been packed up and the puke cleaned up long ago.  As a matter of fact, I’m sure the venue has been leased for the next function already.

Anyhow, I discovered SOMEECARDS.  Those Hallmark parody on-line greeting cards that are not just funny, but frigging hi-la-ri-ous!  They will let you lose your shit at least once.  In the spirit of a Fool’s day,  I decided to add my own peculiar  source of funny, by letting my followers laugh like fools, as I’ve added the funniest 10 cards I’ve discovered recently.  And recently, I mean like yesterday… (Unfortunately there are a few f-bombs scattered for good effect.)

argument  friends calm fuck growing up  mommy workbooze

And then these two, which made me pee a little, top and bottom…


If for some reason you don’t find any of these funny, I’m really sorry for the built up, but I’m sure Amazon would be able to offer a sense of humour on special.  For those who did and smiled a little…You’re welcome! If you didn’t get enough, visit their website here.

I leave you with the words of BA Baracus from the A-Team: “Enjoy if fools!!”


12 thoughts on “Show me the funny, fool!

  1. I also jumped on the bandwagon 10 years after everyone else… Apparently if you are not in facebook you are not included in the ‘modern world’…. I was in the sure for hours when I first found it, love the telescope one!


    • I think the offensive nature of the material is probably why it is so funny in the first place. It’s things you want to say to people, but are just to decent to actually do. A mental insult of sorts…


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